Checking in: Ventura Pier and Promenade


Malia Sanchez

The Ventura Pier has been, and continues to be, a significant spot in the Ventura Community as people can be seen fishing, walking or enjoying food.

Malia Sanchez and Jenna Ostrom

With summertime around the corner, the Ventura Pier and promenade come to life, bringing out some of the most defining characteristics of the city through its people. From blissful wave watchers to beat biker riders, this iconic strip of the community is teeming with life. Both locals and visitors enjoy the laid back feel of what they describe as “an undiscovered part of California”, exploring downtown shops and restaurants or surfing the waves of Surfer’s Point. Whether it be artists, surfers or visiting friends, the individuals found here are the looking glass into the city’s identity.

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