Students dance the night away at Masquerade Prom


Ella Nicolle

During a slow dance, the chaos relaxes and the booming music turns into a slow, swaying melody. Couples and friends dance and talk. Groups of friends sing together and savor the moments they have shared.

Ailanie Martinez, Reporter

Prom: a night full of love, friendship and dancing. A night with infinite possibilities; known as the defining moment of a student’s school career. 

These expectations and hopes taken from high school movies and television all culminated on April 14, the night of Foothill Technology High School’s (Foothill Tech) own Prom at the Poinsettia Pavilion. 

Everyone who comes to prom can make memories that last a lifetime.

— Alyssa Chele ‘23

For the last two years, an official prom has not been held for Foothill Tech students due to COVID-19 hazards and restrictions. 

“We really just hoped to be able to have a prom,” Associated Student Body (ASB) Junior Class President Maycie Duston ‘23 shared, “We really hoped it’d be indoors, so we’re really happy about that.”



Shaun Taylor ‘22 felt similarly, “It’s really nice to be able to have one of these classic high school experiences, we were scared we weren’t going to be able to.” 

As cars drove into the parking lot of the Poinsettia Pavilion, the anticipation for a memorable night grew. Dressed in glamorous gowns and suits, the students of Foothill Tech chattered excitedly against the darkening backdrop of Ventura. 

The venue’s entrance was decorated with string and balloons, which greeted attendees as they joined the growing line to get inside.

As they signed in, members of the ASB and Foothill Tech staff draped in formal clothes and faces hidden by masquerade masks directed them to the dancing and refreshment area. 

We want to leave a good remembrance of the dance so that people will look forward to it next year.

— Maycie Duston ‘23

On the dance floor, students danced under a ceiling of fairy lights to a large range of music, from “Mo Bamba” by Shek Wes to “Hot N Cold” by Katy Perry. Colorful lights flashed on the crowd who were seen jumping to the beat excitedly.

Music videos played on screens in corners of the room as the crowd danced along. On the stage, the DJ cheered the crowd on, fog rolling out onto the floor from the stage. 

Couples and friends slowed their tempo for a slow dance to “Yellow” by Coldplay. In the corner of the room, attendees posed with friends in a photo booth, outfits glittering in the shining light. 

In the refreshments room, students could take a break with drinks and donuts. Chairs were set out and a white curtain provided a background for fun photos. 

Jenna Ostrom

Outside, the sun had sunk and glimmering lights lit the patio. The night air and refreshments cooled the sweaty dancers.

Reflecting on the night, Nathan Buehner ‘23 commented, “Prom is a reward for studying and working in classes.” 

The event began to wind down, students stepped outside to call their rides or go to their cars. Tired feet trudged away from the pavilion, but the night gave them much more than that. 

“It’s a time where you can just dress how you want,” Kate Strickland ‘22 expressed and Tristan Shaw ‘22 added, “You can really embrace yourself. “

The first Foothill Tech prom in two years ended successfully, leaving a memory to remember and an event to look forward to.

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