Will the release of “The Batman” usher in a new era of DC dominance?


Alivia Baker

Witness the beloved super hero, Batman, on a whole different level with writers Carmen and Kelly Quinn in this spectacular movie review of 2022’s “The Batman”.

Kelly Quinn and Carmen Quinn

It’s 2017, and Justice League has just been released. In wake of the disappointing response to the film, Ben Affleck retires the role of Batman making the future of this iconic character in film uncertain.

Fast forward to March 2022, and Robert Pattinson has just debuted as The Batman.

Although this film has been met with largely favorable reviews, the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is largely still in disarray as there is currently no permanent Batman to fill his cowl. Additionally, Pattinson has expressed interest in establishing another Gotham-based cinematic universe, and while that might seem to bode in favor of DC, another universe might offput fans. With all this in mind, one must ask the question: will the release of “The Batman” usher in a new era of DC dominance?

In order to establish a case for why not, let’s go back to a previous point: creating another cinematic universe could potentially confuse fans, especially casual fans. This is because of clarity. Many will question whether this Gotham cinematic universe is a part of the DCEU, possibly leading to the alienation of viewers.

Besides that, the DCEU might be receiving a reboot of its own in The Flash’s debut film in November 2022. This film is set to primarily adapt the iconic Flashpoint storyline which in the comics made up The New 52, thus rebooting the DC comics.

Not only is this film likely to do just that, but it will possibly bring in other Batmans from other non-DCEU films, creating a multiverse in which Robert Pattison’s Batman both is and is not connected to the DCEU, further confusing fans.

However, this new multiverse may enthrall fans due to its complex lore. Despite its potential to confuse its audience,The Batman has generated favorable reviews and a future for this universe entails even grander mythos with The Court of the Owls, Robin and other foes and allies of the Dark Knight.

Not only that, prior to the birth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Batman could be argued as the most popular superhero of all time. The vast timeline of Batman comics, television shows and movies has given birth to many Gotham-based superheroes such as Batgirl and Huntress, not to mention anti-heroes like Harley Quinn and Red Hood. 

In wake of this new film’s success, it is hard to not see The Batman going down a similar path, which could even trump the success of the MCU.

The Batman expectedly stood out from recent superhero films with a darker tone gritted in reality. Key examples of this were Zoe Kravitz’s take on Catwoman and its lack of post-credit scene. This just might be the change movie-goers are interested in seeing, and Batman, Vengeance, the Night is the perfect way to bring this change.

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