“The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window”: A new spin on the classic murder mystery


Alivia Baker

Experience the complexity in this multi-level Netflix series that takes viewers from grief to joy, love to murder, with writer Ryann Liddell.

Ryann Liddell, Writer

*Warning this article may contain spoilers and mature topics so viewer discretion is advised.*

After the tragic loss of her daughter, Anna (Kristen Bell) is left watching the world move on without her. Haunted by her old life, Anna struggles with the absence of both her daughter, and her ex-husband, Douglas (Michael Ealy). Every day, sitting at her window, she fills a glass of wine to the brim just to sit and watch her neighbors live out their perfect little lives. That is, until a new family moves into the house across the street.

Anna becomes infatuated with Neil (Tom Riley) and his daughter, Emma (Samsara Yett), as they seem like the perfect little family for her to fit into— until she realizes that Neil has a girlfriend, Lisa, who has already filled the spot. After a few confrontational moments with Lisa (Shelley Hennig), Anna grows to despise her more and more. 

Then, one night, as Anna settles into her chair to stare out her window once more, she witnesses Lisa’s murder. The only problem is that no one believes her. Determined to prove what she saw was real that night, Anna digs deeper into the family’s past, discovering peculiar things about this seemingly quaint, little family.

This show can be extremely dark at times with extremely mature elements, so I would highly recommend it to those who enjoy thriller series. Despite the incredibly intense moments, it still manages to hold comedic elements, as it is a spoof of the mystery genre.

As for the plot, it is incredibly captivating and manages to draw people into the story line. This show is extremely suspenseful and unpredictable, with it’s constant plot twists. There are many times throughout the show where Anna, herself, questions her own sanity. This prompts viewers to reconsider the reliability of the main character; I personally was left on the edge of my seat. 

Yet, with all the incredibly well thought-out plot points, there are both holes in the story and some extremely unrealistic aspects, which include the decisions and capabilities of some of the characters. However, seeing as the show is a spoof of the mystery genre, it could be intentional, in which the creators of the show are poking fun at the unrealistic plot points of many mystery movies.

Whether or not it is deliberate, these aspects do not take away from the fact that the show is intriguing and suspenseful, and it will effectively capture your attention. I watched it in two days, and I know people who watched it in less. If you are looking for an amazing series to grab your attention and leave you questioning what you know about characters you thought you understood, this is the perfect show for you.

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