Stunning songs that will enhance the weather around you


Chloe Zarrinkelk

With the seasons changing and unpredictable weather, many of us are looking for specific music to listen to go along with these changes.

Ryann Liddell, Writer

We often associate different types of weather with different emotions. Sunny days translate to joy and laughter in our minds, whereas rainy days translate to melancholy feelings. Oftentimes we don’t stop to enjoy the weather and the flood of emotions that come with it. So, to amplify the emotions that come with whichever type of weather you’re experiencing, here are perfect songs for each type of weather.


Sun-filled skies draw out happy emotions in each of us. Something about the sun’s warm ray of light just makes you want to spring out of your seat and start dancing. The type of music to boost your mood in this way are upbeat songs with fun lyrics that have the tendency to get stuck in your brain. One of my favorite songs to listen to on sunny days is “Paper Rings” by Taylor Swift. It’s catchy tune and lighthearted lyrics have the ability to make you feel overwhelmed with joy. Another good song is “Marry You” by Bruno Mars, as it is quickly paced and has carefree lyrics. You can’t help but sing along while it is playing.


Melancholy and gloom often accompany rainy days. The lack of light along with tear-like rain causes feelings of woe to surface. Sad, downtrodden melodies with lyrics expressing heartbreak are perfect for these types of days. Olivia Rodrigo’s “drivers license” is the perfect rainy day tune as it depicts a heart wrenching breakup. Not to mention, the bridge of this song will evoke powerful emotions. Harry Styles’ song, “Sign of the Times,” also goes well with rainy days with his sorrowful lyrics and unique tune. Both of these heartbreaking songs will perfectly capture the melancholy feelings that accompany rainy days.


While it is unlikely for it to snow in Ventura, there’s still a chance that if you travel, you will experience the calm feelings that come with snowy days. Snow muffles sound, so whenever it snows, a peaceful atmosphere is created. Not to mention, the delicacy of the snowflakes and calming color of the sky also contributes to the tranquility on snowy days. A song that conjures the tranquil feelings of snowy days is “When the Party’s Over” by Billie Eillish. The melody of the song is soft and slow, which makes it quite calming to listen to. Her ever so delicate singing is soothing and will leave you feeling peaceful. Another great song for snowy days is Jaymes Young’s “Stone.” Even at the loudest point in the song, it still manages to hold on to that serene tune. These two incredibly calming songs will be perfect for a vacation to the snow.

Whether you are experiencing a sunny day, a gloomy and rainy sky or a calm trip to the snow, you should enjoy the weather around you. So, next time you want to enhance the feelings that come with the weather you’re experiencing, refer back to these brilliant songs that will spark your emotions.

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