WikiHow: To walk in Foothill hallways


Alivia Baker

Writer Olivia Zoll brings advice on how high school hallway experiences can improve for students spending each day walking past their concrete walls.

Olivia Zoll, Copy Editor

With school back in session, students are transported back into a very unfamiliar environment. Upperclassmen inhabited Foothill for less than two years, where lower classmen have experienced a few months or none at all. That being said, hallway etiquette at Foothill must be discussed. As everyone has, I started out as a lowly freshman with no voice or opinion. However, as a senior now, it’s time for me to speak my mind before I leave.

No PDA in the hallways. Please. It scares the freshman and it makes us all feel lonely. It is also 8 in the morning. I will break up your kissing to get to my English class; I’m just trying to graduate.

No hand holding, either. This is less emotionally tolling, but it is extremely difficult to navigate the halls and squeeze into open spaces between people if there is double the surface area taken.

DO NOT stop in the middle of the hallway. Passing period is not a social hour, and it jams the whole hallway. If you must, go to the quad.

The hallway IS a road and should follow road traffic laws. Always travel on the right side. If you want my approval, HUG the right side. 16-year-olds that are flexing their brand new car keys to everyone, this tip is for you.

Additionally, the hallway is not the place for physical activity and high testosterone. I am simply minding my own business, I would not like to get body slammed.

Don’t be simultaneously walking and looking at your phone. If you have AT&T, we all know your service doesn’t work at school anyways.

If you drop a piece of trash, pick it up. This is common courtesy for our hardworking janitors. I am writing this as I clean ketchup off my Birkenstocks and sweatpants after stepping on a packet in the hallway.

Use your common sense to adequately space yourself out. Do not walk too far away from the person in front of you, as it wastes valuable space. Similarly, don’t walk close enough to flat tire someone.

With less than a year left of my high school experience, I think Foothill would greatly benefit from adopting these principals and making the hallways a less painstakingly annoying place.

What do you think?