Frontside Cafe brings a hip and tasty new place to eat at in Ventura


Siena Hager

Recently opened Frontside Cafe provides excellent service and a variety of delicious food and drinks.

Isabella Fortunati, Writer

On East Front Street in Ventura, the new Frontside Cafe welcomes Ventura beach town customers to a cafe featuring Australian cuisine and a modern ambiance.

Frontside Cafe brings community to Ventura, which can be valuable at this time, from the uncertainties of the future to fluctuating shifts in rules occurring due to COVID-19.  

Frontside Cafe opened in December of 2020 and has brought nothing but positive experiences to the city of Ventura!

Run by a husband and wife duo, Joel and Charne Huff brought Australian foods alongside traditional cafe meals and drinks to provide a new hip and open spot to hang out while enjoying refreshments, pastries and meals.  

Frontside Cafe is open Wednesday through Sunday from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The cafe is open for breakfast and lunch, or you could grab a pastry and a beverage to go. 

You can also order online from the Frontside Cafe’s website to pick up if you have a place to be and only enough time for a quick stop.

The moderately priced menu consists of breakfast and lunch,  as well as an all-day selection. Frontside brings traditional Australian dishes to Ventura with dishes like the Full Aussie Breakfast, Aussie Meatpie and Brekkie Rolls for customers to discover. They have classic and trendy meals such as Smashed avocado toast, Japanese Milk Bread, the Frontside burger and many more. 

The beverages served are traditional coffee shop drinks but they also serve a few alcoholic refreshments (for people who are 21+).

Frontside also has specials each week that always vary. A few notable specials include the Muffaletta Sandwich, Housemade ricotta toast and the Meyer lemon ricotta pancakes. Unfortunately, the specials are only available for a week, so you have to be quick if you want to try them out. But seeing the new special of the week and tasting it will be an enjoyable experience to undergo.  

Upon walking up to Frontside Cafe, you can feel the open and modish atmosphere just from the exterior of the building. Tables and chairs are outside for customers to sit and enjoy the sun. The outside is embracing and sets the mood of how welcoming and friendly the inside is. 

Upon entering, there is an ordering station and an abundance of seats for people to sit and enjoy their food and drinks. The inside is endearing, hip and dazzling. 

The energy is positive, and everyone inside seems to have an incredible time enjoying their delectable dishes. 

When ordering, the staff is accommodating and patient while the customers decide what to purchase. The cashier will confirm that your order is correct and make sure you are taken care of. 

Frontside is extremely diligent when it comes to following COVID-19 regulations and ensures every customer is safe by enforcing masks, unless the customer is seated. The tables are separated, so no one will make direct contact unless it’s between the server and customer. 

I’ve had the Ricotta pancakes ($12), Avocado toast ($12), Frontside burger ($15) and the Kale Caesar salad ($13) as meals on separate occasions. I recommend all of these options, and you will be satisfied with any of them. The food was flavorful, the portions were generous and made me feel well-nourished and gratified after eating.

Frontside Cafe provides community and a supportive environment for Ventura while providing a hip new Cafe with an Australian twist!

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