ASB elections for the 2021-22 school year


The Instagram post from @fthsasb, with details on how to participate in ASB elections.

The Associated Student Body (ASB) elections began on March 10 at Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech). ASB students have the opportunity to run for their respected graduating class leadership positions.

All the candidates submitted a short biography with information about themselves, their previous leadership experience, their related experience and their academic achievements for the student body to review. 

Karyme Fierros ‘22 (ASB President Applicant)

The current junior class president, Karyme Fierros ‘22, is running for ASB president. Fierros has been in ASB since her freshman year, serving as a freshman representative, sophomore class president, junior class president and a member of the Bioscience leadership team. 

Outside of leadership, Fierros is an honors and AP student who tutors elementary school students which has taught her to be patient and to “learn how to lead and steer people’s attention back to the task at hand,” according to her biography. 

Fierros’s goals, if elected president are to “reconnect the student body and strengthen the relationships we had before we began distant learning,” and “Improve the accessibility of emotional support for our students,” as stated in her biography.

She plans to implement these goals by making it known to students at Foothill Tech that their school is a safe place and by planning more events that help students succeed.

Coral Tripp ’22 (ASB Vice President Applicant)

Coral Tripp ’22 is currently the junior class vice president and will be running for the position of ASB vice president. Tripp’s experience started in her middle school leadership class. She has been the special projects intern and the junior class president at Foothill Tech. 

Tripp has outside leadership experience from her time as a leader at her horse camp and as an AP student, which taught her patience and to have confidence in her abilities. 

According to her election video, Tripp’s goals as ASB vice president would be to, “focus on Renaissance,” and getting more students involved in the Renaissance program at Foothill Tech.

She wishes to fulfill these goals by, “reward[ing] students that have been doing amazing,” and, “providing resources to those students who may need a little extra help,” according to her election video. 

Marina Wolowicz ’22 (Senior Class President Applicant)

Marina Wolowicz ’22 has been in ASB at Foothill Tech for two years. She has served as Spirit Week Intern and Social Media Director. In both positions, she has worked collaboratively both virtually and in-person. As Social Media Director during distance learning, she took on greater responsibilities and also led several committees.

Wolowicz currently works at Snapper Jack’s and has been working there for about seven months. Before the pandemic, she would babysit her neighbor’s five kids. Wolowicz started to collect handmade goods for seniors with dementia to donate to UC Davis’s Hospice program. 

She is currently taking four AP classes and one honors class. Her favorite subjects are math and science.

Athina Ananias ’22 (Senior Class Vice President Applicant)

Athina Ananias ’22 was born here in Ventura. She has been enrolled in  ASB for a year and a half. Ananias enjoys skating, listening to music, writing, thrifting and hanging out with friends.

Ananias has been volunteering for Cassie’s Dance Camp (CDC). Working with CDC has been a great experience, as she has become a role model for the younger girls. She has taken care of the kids and taught them dancing. She has also learned new leadership qualities like patience and understanding.

For years, she has been assisting her coaches in skating by helping them teach people how to skate. This has given her the opportunity to set an example for both the younger and older skaters, and is additionally good practice for her too.

She has achieved Honor Roll during her freshman, sophomore and junior year as well. She has been taking honors classes since she was in middle school and has done exceedingly well. 

Lily Shadden ’23 (Junior Class President Applicant) 

Lily Shadden ’23 is currently the sophomore class president and is now running for junior class president. She has served in a leadership position at Foothill Tech for two years.

Shadden was on varsity soccer and track her freshman year. Shadden also enjoys hiking, surfing and spending time with her friends. 

Shadden hopes to “reform our Foothill community and make next year the best one yet,” as junior class president, according to her election video. 

Maycie Duston ’23 (Junior Class Vice President Applicant)

Maycie has been in ASB for three years and she feels she is, “very dedicated to this class.” Duston says she is also a “very kind hearted and hard-working person.”

Duston’s leadership experience began in third grade when she was in a leadership class at her elementary school. She was also in a leadership class at Balboa middle school and was part of WEB in seventh grade.

Duston’s leadership experience also comes from her job in ASB, a secretary and being the team captain for her club volleyball team. She says being team captain, “has helped me be another leader on the court for my teammates.”

Apart from leadership, Duston has also been in renaissance at Foothill Tech since she was a Freshman. Duston ended with, “I strive to work hard in school and to be a leader for others.”

Anna English ‘24 (Sophomore Class President Applicant)

Anna English ‘24 is a freshman at Foothill Tech who is passionate about tennis, reading, helping others and horses. She has previous leadership experience from her past position as student council secretary at Ojai Valley School. She claims that this role taught her many important skills such as writing speeches, delivering speeches and running successful campaigns.

Anna was awarded academic honors, dean’s list and effort honor roll at Ojai Valley School and continues towards academic excellence as a Foothill Tech Dragon. 

Leo Pankratz ‘24 (Sophomore Class Vice President Applicant)

Leo Pankratz ‘24 is a freshman at Foothill Tech who describes himself as a funny and a smart leader who is talented at public speaking and getting all students involved. Pankratz has previous leadership experience as an Our Lady of the Assumption Student Council Ambassador and president. He volunteers his time with Community Memorial Hospital and the Little Buddies Program at Foothill Tech. 

He also participated in several beach cleanups, giving aid to Thomas Fire victims, Junior Lifeguards, Junior Umpire for Little League and an Alter Server. Leo was awarded Academic Achievement awards in middle school as well as the St. Bonaventure High School Award for Exceptional Leadership during the 2017-2018 school year. 

Karen Estrada ‘24 (Sophomore Class President Applicant)

Karen Estrada ‘24 is a freshman at Foothill Tech and hopes to revive the spirits of the Class of 2024 when they return to campus next year after missing out on certain activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is Estrada’s first year in Foothill Tech ASB, but she has previous experience as vice president of her middle school’s ASB class where she assisted in running the official meetings.

She is also an awareness/spirit week intern and has planned events such as beach cleanups and spirit days. Estrada was awarded the President’s Education Award in middle school for academic excellence.

Results of the election

After all the votes had been counted after the election on March 10, the results were announced. The 2021-2022 ASB representatives are: Karyme Fierros (ASB President), Coral Tripp (ASB Vice President), Marina Wolowicz (Senior Class President), Athina Ananias (Senior Class Vice President), Lily Shadden (Junior Class President), Maycie Duston (Junior Class Vice President), Anna English (Sophomore Class President), Leo Pankratz (Sophomore Class Vice President). 

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