Quarantine tunes based on your mood


Jordyn Savard

A perfect playlist awaits for each and every one of our isolation moods.

Carol Sanchez, Writer

Quarantine snuck up on the world quickly, and with it came an array of emotions. Whether the sudden announcement of school closures and immediate lockdowns evoked feelings of bliss or sorrow, one of these three playlists may be able to match up with your cheerful or melancholic aura. From today’s top hits to throwbacks from your childhood, these collections of songs will put you in the right mood, or help you get into the mood you’re striving for. 

If you are looking for a playlist that is upbeat, spunky and happy, but also includes a hint of calmness, “Quarantine tunes- bliss” is perfect for you. This playlist ranges from current popular artists such as Post Malone and Harry Styles to older ones like Guns N’ Roses. It has the perfect mix of music that all come together to create that feeling of soothing delight.

However, it’s perfectly okay to not be in joyful spirits right now. All of our lives were disrupted, and our world is stuck in a constant state of change. We have just the thing you need to find your way back to a content state of mind; the “Quarantine tunes- feeling down” playlist will guide you through that feeling of uncertainty. The soft and emotional voices of Lewis Capaldi, Ed Sheeran and additional artists will lead the way.

The last playlist was created to take your mind back to a carefree time and have you feeling like quarantine is “Just A Dream.” The “Quarantine tunes- reminisce” playlist will certainly have you rocking out to songs you may have forgotten about. This collection of music is centered around the 2000s to early 2010s throwbacks that will just keep the memories flowing. 

While it can be disheartening to be quarantined, don’t overlook the power of a new playlist to spice up your at home dance party, or to calm your mind while knocking out school work.

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