Shop local without leaving the couch


Jordyn Savard

Shopping local could me made just as easy to access through just a click on your phone.

Bella Hall, Writer

It’s 2030, where the idea of local businesses is a faded fad. What ever happened to those? Thank the power of Amazon, for being the option that, although it is not supportive of the community, is so convenient! Buying local is a trek, and not worth the visit when Amazon has a bookmarked tab on your computer. 

I hate to break it to you, but this is where you’re wrong. 

As online shopping is on the rise, so is a movement towards shopping local. But who said that a small business couldn’t deliver to your door too?

Buying products from local artisans is a beautiful way to give back to the community, and there are some businesses that you can support without leaving the couch. 

South Mountain Goods

South Mountain Goods creates beautiful clay jewelry in Ojai, California. From hair clips to earrings, her delicately bold designs add flair to any outfit. Every piece is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, crafted by nothing but the hands of artisan Kate Daniel, and can be found on their Instagram or Etsy account. She often posts images of her handmade creations and you can comment to claim her pieces! It’s easy and it’s making a difference in the community; what more could you want in a shopping experience?



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A couple of my favorite mediums together – clay + fiber.

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Hechoed leather goods

Hechoed goods, where trendy and practicality meet. From wallets to journals to belts, Hechoed does it right. Made with vegetable-tanned leather, creator Strohm Lippert makes everything with his bare hands, adding love into every piece he builds. Starting at a pale beige, the leather gains character through the journey it travels, creating a beautiful golden shade. Hechoed lives on Instagram, so go check out his account and message him to get yourself some leather goodies. 



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Rat Boi scrunchies

RatBoi brings a fresh, bold face to the world of hair accessories. Creator Alexa Coughlin is a scrunchie whiz, making ethically based, non-slip scrunchies with her top-tier elastics and vintage fabrics. Her mission is “to keep your hair up and out of your face but not out of the picture, to bracelet the wrist when the luxury is let down – RAT BOI is not a trend but a friend to those in style.” Shop Alexa’s genius designs on her website, or catch her booths at many local markets!



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Lot 54 Goods

Get a little adventurous with your outfits by adding some Lot 54 Goods to your fashion ensemble. Lot 54, named after a family-owned cabin in Sequoia National Park, holds not only memories but the inspiration for their “get out and explore” mantra. They encourage people to live life adventurously, whether it’s taking a new friend out to coffee or exploring through untouched nature. And I’d do it wearing one of their high-quality tees or beanies. Check out their website to see their must-have designs!



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Cotton & Comb brass tags

Cotton & Comb, inspired by her cocker spaniel mix poesy, makes your dog collars chic and key fobs fabulous. Local artisan Laurel Ritchey’s beautifully creative tags are customizable and made of brass, where delicacy meets durability. Get yourself a tag on their website!



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Local businesses are what gives towns their soul. In the face of big market monsters, small businesses are put in their shadows. When you support a local business, you have become a key member of building a community with rich character. Let’s celebrate the sweat and tears it takes to create a business from nothing and shop local, even if it’s through a screen.

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