Charlie’s Angels did not bring the heavenly experience expected


Credit: Sony Pictures

Isabella Fortunati, Writer

When trouble comes lurking around every corner and you need some talented spies on the case, call up Charlie’s Angels, just don’t rely on them for a quality movie. 

The reboot of the proclaimed five seasons 1970’s TV show, Charlie’s Angels directed by Elizabeth Banks, shows a new take on the fresh generation of angels working with the Townsend Agency. It’s the angel’s job to protect the nation while under the supervision of the famous Charlie. However, the film is focused around three major characters, Sabina Wilson, Jane Kano and Elena Houghlin. This film does a good job in exemplifying female power and friendship.

The story begins when the audience sees Elena Houghlin as a tech-programmer working on a power source called Calisto. She realizes that what she that she has created is too dangerous to be sold, but her boss is unfazed and puts it on the market regardless. Two spies, Sabina Wilson and Jane Kano are assigned to keep Calisto from falling into the wrong hands and end up dragging the innocent programmer with them on the action.



The basic plot of Charlie’s Angels seemed interesting enough for a 1 hour and 54-minute movie, but it just did not hit the mark. Some scenes flat out did not make sense or connect the dots. While points made throughout the film did not seem very groundbreaking and felt generic and I found myself predicting a lot of twists in the movie before they happened. Character development was evident with each of the angels during the movie, but with the exception of Elena Houghlin, was not done well. Her character showed growth and strength during the movie, while both Sabrina and Jane did change, it was more suddenly and disjointed.   

I found myself being bored more than entertained while watching the movie. The movie had so much potential to show how much power women can have in airing feminism full force. But after walking out of the theaters, I had the initial feeling of “meh” and not feeling impacted or entertained. 

While the outcome of the movie was disappointing, the acting did not induce a similar reaction. All three of the leading ladies Kristen Stewert (Sabrina Wilson), Ella Balinska (Jane Kano) and Naomi Scott (Elena Houghlin) all played their roles nicely and did not miss a beat during the duration of the film. Kristen Stewart especially stood out with her outspoken, fun character; she was the only character that could make me laugh during the movie. Director Elizabeth Banks also played a supporting role of Bosley, she portrayed her character with class and charisma. 

I’m not alone in that Charlie’s Angels did not deliver the energetic, jaw dropping film expected. Earning a 4.2/10 on IMDb and a 59% on Rotten Tomatoes, and audiences clearly did not enjoy the film.

In the end, Charlie’s Angels did not perform in the most amazing light. If you are looking for a fun, spunky female action movie, Charlie’s Angels would not be my first choice to watch.

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