Girls’ tennis encounters tragic loss against Dos Pueblos in first round of CIF


Siena Hager

After a long season, girls tennis loses against Dos Pueblos

Claire Hernandez, Reporter

With CIF tensity underway, the Foothill girls’ tennis team stepped onto court on Nov. 6 to battle the Dos Pueblos Chargers. The Dragons, finishing second in league, prepared to strike with Noelle Hayward ‘21 (number one), Leah Sehati ‘20 (number two), Ruby Beckendorf ‘21 (number three) and Anna Nelles ‘23 (substitute number three).

The matches began with the three singles losing their first games. Fortunately for Hayward, she snagged two wins in her second and third games, scoring 6-4 and 6-0. Nelles was also able to gain a point for her team, winning 6-4 against the Chargers’ number two player. 

Hayward knew the competition would be tough going into a high CIF division, saying, “We lost a good player last year so I knew our team wasn’t as strong,” refering to Erin Gaynor ’19.

The number one doubles, Alyssa McClain ‘20 and Jolie Seemayer ‘21 triumph all three of their matches, winning 6-4 in their first match, 6-2 in the second and 6-4 in their final match. 

Rebekah Sokoloski ‘22 and Clare Duganne ‘22, the number three doubles team, also pulled off a win versus the Chargers’ number two team, scoring 6-4.



The Dragons, although distressed about the loss, are excited for the next season. Hayward says, “I would’ve liked to see us go a little further in CIF, but I guess we always have next year.” She continues, “We all had fun and that’s really all that matters.”

Dos Pueblos will continue on in their CIF journey competing against Los Osos on Nov. 8.

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