Scarily Amazing Group Costumes


Lillian Li

Last minute Halloween costumes are nothing to be feared with these simple get-ups

Isabella Fortunati and Elie Bufford

With Halloween coming around the corner, the time is approaching to decide what you want to be for the huge candy massacre or a spectacular party. What better to do than to get a group of friends and create a unique idea to blow all the witches and cats away. But when it is last minute what can a group of friends do to create the best Halloween outfits? Here are some fast and easy ideas for eye-catching Halloween group costumes.

An Oreo

A minimal effort costume for anyone with two friends and a lack of time, this costume is exactly like it sounds. With two friends dressed all in black and a middle friend all in white, this costume is quick and easy. It’s a good way to join in the fun with little preparation, this costume is great for a last-minute celebration.


 For anyone with six friends and a colorful personality, this costume is a great choice. With each person dressed up in one color and all lined up, the group can make a colorful ensemble. Another quick costume, this one is perfect for seven people with three seconds, no ideas and lots of colorful clothing.

4 Seasons

Grab three friends and a blatant disregard for temperature and you’re 50% done with this costume. With seasonal wear from each person, a group of four can easily dress up as the four seasons. With one friend in a tank top, flip flops, shorts and sunglasses and another in a winter coat and scarf, this costume guarantees that someone won’t be dressed for the weather, no matter what it is. As long as no one minds being too cold or hot, this costume is funny, easy and unique. As an extra twist, you can base it on California’s seasons- cloudy, windy, mild, and two days of rain.

The Office (Michael, Jim, Pam and Dwight)

This iconic TV show has been rocking for all generations since it came out in 2005. Michael’s outfit is pretty simple, wear a dark suit, with either a light blue or white dress shirt and a plain, mundane dark-colored tie. Jim would just need either a light blue or white dress shirt and a black tie and a pair of black pants. For Jim’s better-half, Pam, she would wear a cardigan with a long-sleeve button-down dress shirt and a pencil skirt. Last but not least the classic Dwight costume would be a short-sleeve mustard-colored dress shirt, a neutral colored tie and either brown or black pants. There you go! You and your friends can rock out on Halloween with The Office character costumes!

Beanie Babies

This costume is a very simple and easy way to have your friends be all the same idea while keeping individuality in each costume. First, have everyone in your group get a onesie which can be found online, or if you’re on a budget, any thrift store in your local area. To make it become a Beanie Babies costume get a big piece of red construction paper and cut it into a heart. Then, with white construction paper cut out the letter “t” and “y” twice and put the logo “ty” on both sides of the heart. The hearts with the logo represents the Beanie Babies tag that is connected to the stuffed animals when you buy one. Then either you can tape the heart on your onesie or connect it with a string wrapped around loosely around your neck. You and your friends are now officially beanie babies and you can remain comfortable during your Halloween activities!

Hydro Flasks

Hydro flasks have become a well-known brand thanks to “VSCO girls” and a surge in environmental activism. But they also make it very easy to have DIY group costumes for Halloween for you and your friends. First, go to any basic thrift store with your friends and purchase oversized solid color t-shirts. Then, get white acrylic paint and paint the very well known Hydro flask logo onto the tee shirt. Then the costume is complete! Just put it on and wear dark pants underneath the shirt grab your scrunchies and bring your actual hydro flask on if you want and you are officially the most trendy water bottle out there! 

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Characters ( Ferris Bueller, Sloane Peterson, Cameron Frye)

This iconic movie made its way into the hearts of everyone who has watched it. Released in 1986, the vintage clothing trends have completely overcome what fashion is today. So grab three friends to become the cool slick characters shown in the movie. To be Ferris Bueller, just wear a standard pair of jeans with a white and navy blue jacket and a white undershirt over a brown sweater vest. For Cameron wear a red and white oversized, long sleeve shirt with tan khakis. Last but not least Sloane’s outfit contains cargo green loose shorts, with a short puffy white jacket and a dark blue shirt to make the look.

Christmas Carolers

Don your holiday spirit and celebrate Halloween in a wintery fashion. Grab a group of friends and some holiday sweaters, as well as any Santa hats you may have, and carol your way through the night. From three people to a whole horde, this costume can work for a group of any size, and singing talent is not a prerequisite.

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