Students groove at Sadie Hawkins Dance


Quinn Dinkler

Students clap to the beat of the music at Foothill’s Sadie Hawkins dance.

Quinn Dinkler

Mason King, Writer

Bathed in neon lights and reverberating with popular music, Spirito Hall was packed with the energy of students enjoying time at the Sadie Hawkins dance before a long weekend.

Associated Student Body Adviser Melanie “Captain” Lindsey said that this is the first Sadie Hawkins dance put on by Foothill since her acceptance of the position.

“It’s fun,” remarked Julius Gomez ‘21. “I like to come out and dance and have fun with my friends.”

Gomez felt that the event was a nice way to relax, being able to hang out with friends and forget about the hardships of school.

Acacia Crouch ‘22 shared the same feelings of friendship and togetherness, and, in regards to the dances, encouraged Foothill’s Associated Student Body (ASB) to “keep up the good work.”

However, organizing this dance was a long and drawn out process, which began when it was rescheduled from the original date, which was closer to Valentine’s Day. ASB Special Projects Intern Malia Pyron ‘22 shared that the date would have conflicted with another school’s dance, which might have detracted from the number of people who would have otherwise attended.

Due to the rescheduled date, the dance ended up feeling more “chill, lowkey and fun,” according to Pyron.

“In the end, it was either have the dance or not, and the freshman class really wanted to host this, so we decided to do it,” Pyron said. “I think it gives the underclassmen something fun and exciting when all the juniors and seniors are going to prom.”

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