Hickerson, Donnelly elected as next year’s ASB President, Vice President


The Foothill Dragon Press

Hayden Hickerson ’20 and Aidan Donnelly ’20 named as next year’s ASB President and Vice President, respectively.

Noelle Hayward, Reporter

On Monday, March 11, the Associated Student Body (ASB) President and Vice President for the 2019-20 school year were announced.

Following a first round of elections on Friday, March 8, the winner between the two vice presidential candidates was undecided because of a tie outcome. Hayden Hickerson ‘20 was voted in unopposed as next school year’s ASB President.

Aidan Donnelly ‘20, Elizabeth Ferris ‘21 and Jolie Jannone ‘20 ran as the three vice presidential candidates. Donnelly and Jannone were the two who tied in the initial election, calling for a final election to determine who would earn the position. Donnelly garnered the most votes in the final election.

As the 2019-20 ASB President, Hickerson aims to “‘Believe the Best,’” and plans to add that phrase to Foothill’s “compass points.” By doing this, she hopes to achieve “trust” and more “opportunities for growth” within the Foothill staff and student body.

She hopes this growth will become apparent in the Renaissance percentages at Foothill, as she seeks to have “at least every class average 85% or more on Renaissance.”

According to her biography and goals, Hickerson seeks to “shine a light on students that are on Renaissance that are also in sports, drama and/or debate.”

Hickerson additionally plans to “encourage club involvement with the school” by “having ASB help clubs when and where they need it,” and “making sure [ASB] can plan events with clubs and with the school.”

Outside of the school environment, Hickerson has “helped a lot at [her] church” with things like leading teams for “A Night to Remember, which is like a special needs prom.”

Becoming a fourth-year member of ASB, as well as having claimed the position of class president “every time,” Hickerson feels competent to run the class, and looks forward to the opportunity to “learn from everyone else around [her].”



Donnelly, next year’s ASB Vice President, judges he has “done a variety of jobs” that gave him a good feel of “how the class works, and what I need to do to do my job right.”

According to his biography, Donnelly has “served in ASB at Foothill for the past two years as the Athletics Commissioner last year and as the Stay Strong Commissioner this year.”

Outside of his role in ASB, Donnelly volunteers at The First Tee, a nonprofit organization in which he serves “as a leader and example” for young children as he teaches them the “core values” of golf.

In his new position, he intends to “make Renaissance and the rewards it provides for students more personal to the student body,” by implementing “more choice in the Renaissance system,” “the rewards they get,” and “the themes of all their rallies.”



Donnelly additionally wants to “create a system in which students are given the opportunity to create their own small-scale Renaissance events,” integrated to provide more “recognition” of certain “group[s] of people.”

His purpose for this is to “allow students to show their recognition to people who they feel ASB doesn’t recognize in a manner they feel is acceptable,” like “through the announcements and call slips.”

His overarching objective is to grant students “more influence on campus, rather than ASB just choosing everything for them.”’

Overall, Donnelly hopes to “promote kindness and emotional generosity amongst the student body” through “acts of kindness, acts of service to the Foothill community” and more.

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