BARRERA: Could it be true? / Questions

Johnny Barrera

Could It Be True?

It is something you should never let fly away

This is something we would risk our lives for

No matter how important it can lead you astray

For this could be the person you love and adore

It could evolve into something true

To be someone you more than know

And if you don’t I will be blue

And if you will not I shall go

You can’t believe or see the fact

I could be more and not just a friend

Could your kindness be real or all an act

Could I not find out till the very end

I know that this love is very new

But so is the tale of me and you


Asking in an empty space

A void of lies with no right

Knowing not what I’m to face

I ask for hope, the sacred light

And when these crooked words are gone

I’ll leave as well, forever shamed

And when the hopeful light is gone

I will leave in deepened pain

Time will heal, but time will pass

A growing gap of trust was broken

For when time heals with pain so crass

Questions remain, left unspoken

What do you think?