Mr. Foothill pageant spreads laughter and glee (16 photos)


Ela Yasa

On Friday, six contestants from varying grades displayed “wow-wear,” sang, did stand-up comedy, answered questions and rapped about life at Foothill at the fifth annual Mr. Foothill male beauty pageant in Spirito Hall.

“Mr. Foothill is a male beauty pageant. We try to get a variety of participants ranging from different grades and different friend groups,” host and junior Cody Clark said.

“It is put together by the junior class, which is myself, Emily Marostica and Noah Greenslit.”

The funds earned from the event go towards funding junior class events, such as prom.

The contestants were judged based on their personality, appearance, creativity, interaction with the crowd, and their comedic abilities.

The pageant started with an introduction from the hosts Cody Clark and Noah Greenslit, as well as an introduction of all the contestants.

The first category was “wow wear,” where contestants displayed their most “exciting” clothing to the audience and judges.

The outfits ranged from robes to booty shorts, to military attire, to head to toe USA wear.

Next was the formal wear category, where all the contestants strutted around the stage in impressive tuxedos.

Afterwards, the contestants displayed their beach and swimwear, which ranged from swim trunks to wet suits and snorkeling gear.

Senior Joe Albaugh shows off his fancy wear in the first section of the competition. Credit: Josh Ren/The Foothill Dragon Press

The final clothing category was sportswear, in which senior Nick Vaughan displayed an impressive four layers of sport gear.

Next, contestants were asked questions by the judges; senior Mackenzie Wachold, junior Bailey Liljekvist, sophomore Lena Raibys and freshman Wessal Esber.

Each contestant was given two unique questions to answer.

The questions included “Is the dress white and gold or black and blue?” to which senior Joe Albaugh answered “It’s obviously black and gold, I don’t know how you could see anything else.”

Another memorable question was “What is your favorite zoo animal?” to which senior Ethan Tan answered “Nick Vaughan.”

After the individual questions, each contestant was required to answer the question “What do you look for in your ideal partner?”

The answers varied from long romantic ones, to ones describing the judge asking the question.

Then, the contestants answered several questions from the audience.

The next category was the talent portion, in which each contestants displayed their skills.

Albaugh sang the Louis Armstrong classic “Dream a Little Dream of me,” freshman Trey Gant did several magic cards tricks, and junior Mitchell Boring sang and played the ukulele.

Afterwards senior Ethan Tan did a stand up comedy act, junior Michael Vaughan sang, and senior Nick Vaughan played the guitar and sang a song that he wrote.

Finally, sophomore Matthew Weisshaar juggled two oranges and blew bubbles, then threw the two oranges to audience members who wanted them.

After all the categories were finished, Nick Vaughan rapped to “Talk Nerdy to Me”, a parody he wrote of Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty to Me”

Meanwhile, all the other contestants, and special dance guest senior and ASB president Evan Askar, danced in the background.

As the judges went outside to tally up their scores, the contestants participated in the “Dash for Cash,” where they ran around the room collecting cash from audience members.

Boring, who received the most cash with a total of $19, received the People’s Choice Award.

Albaugh won the Judge’s Choice Award and Vaughan won the Mr. Foothill of 2015 Award.

Nick Vaughan expressed his feelings at winning Mr. Foothill 2015.

“It feels awesome to win, that was kind of cool- it’s not about winning, that’s not why I do it.”

“I felt like I won because it was my turn to win this year, not because I was the best or anything just because that’s just how Mr. Foothill goes. It’s not about being the best it’s just about having the best time.”

The audience then requested an encore of the “Talk Nerdy to Me” rap, to which the contestants complied.

Many people thought that Mr. Foothill was a fun and positive experience.

“It was really funny, and I just enjoy any chance to support the school, and it was a funny performance- I liked it,” junior Tess McLaughlin said.

Gant explained why he liked competing in Mr. Foothill.

“I enjoyed competing because I got to meet new people, and it was a good experience, good to see how many people would show up, if I could actually do a card trick, and just having fun with all my friends.”

Clark explained why Mr. Foothill was a positive experience for students.

“It allows kids to participate in something that’s kind of different and also allows a lot of people to come watch it so they can see their friends, be funny, and it’s a good experience for everyone that comes,” Clark said.

Vaughan expressed his appreciation of the Mr. Foothill pageant.

“It is the most laid-back, beautiful, astounding event that you can have. It comes together, literally- I’m not joking- one minute before the show starts, sometimes not even before the show starts.”

“We still get a great solid amount of laughs, you can show what the nature of Foothill is, the beautiful souls that we have here on the campus and just a great, great time.”


Background Photo Credit: Carrie Coonan/The Foothill Dragon Press

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