Dragon Voices: Community Service


Credit: Abigail Massar / The Foothill Dragon Press

Amanda Perez


The Community Service Requirement at Foothill obligates students to volunteer for at least 75 hours by the end of their senior year. Foothill recommends doing 25 hours every year. Is this a reasonable requirement for students over the course of four years? Here’s what nine dragons had to say about it.


Thinglink credit: Amanda Perez / The Foothill Dragon Press


Students like Lyric Hill ‘21, Daniel Guzman ‘18 and Aubrey Paul ‘18 think the requirement is beneficial for three basic reasons. For one, it helps students with little to no work experience gain work ethic. Two, it’s great for college applications. Three, “it allows people to help out the community,” said Guzman.

Other students like Jaina Malach ‘18, Jakob Villaseñor ‘18 and Morgan Stevenson ‘19 didn’t feel that the requirement was beneficial to them.

Villaseñor felt that he wasn’t giving back the community at all, “I didn’t really do much, I went to a thrift store [and] smashed furniture.”

However, there was a consensus among the eight students. Though they understood there has to be a punishment for not fulfilling the total 75 hours, the punishment of not being able to walk at graduation is harsh considering all the other work students have accumulated over the course of four years.

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