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Recap: Boys’ volleyball continues their undefeated streak in win vs. Nordhoff High School

Katie Denger

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The Foothill Technology boys’ varsity volleyball team was successful in their “easier matchup,” as described by Dylan More ‘18, against Nordhoff High School. With a three set win with scores of 25-12, 25-9 and 25-15, the Dragons recorded their tenth straight conference victory of their undefeated Tri-Valley League season.



More feels that the team played well and that their “communication was good” and their “hitting was on.” More went on to describe a particular instance when Matthew Godfrey ‘20 “hit a kid on the other team pretty hard.”

Tommy Hurley ‘18 also thought the communication within the team was one of their strong suits and the benches were “enthusiastic and empower[ed] the team.”



Head coach Jane Cobian believes that their “hitting [which] has gotten so much stronger” and their setter, Kyle Cobian ‘18, is “doing a great job at feeding the hitters.” Additionally, Cobian believes that the team is becoming more “closely bonded.”

Hurley also believes that the team “will go far” this season and More was in agreeance with him, as they have a “core four of seniors” that have been on the team for four years now. In addition to this “core” group, there’s Godfrey, the youngest player on the team, and Miles Harvey ‘19.

Overall, their season has been a successful one but More hopes to improve their blocking and ability to “pick balls off the ground.” Hurley also mentioned these as shortcomings as well as their passing.

Cobian stated that they will be working on these weaknesses by “practicing at a [much] faster pace” so that they can “keep working hard and maintain aggressiveness.

The team will compete next against Cate High School on Thursday, April 19 at 6 p.m. in the Cabrillo Middle School gym.

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Recap: Boys’ volleyball continues their undefeated streak in win vs. Nordhoff High School