Winter Formal venue changed to Camarillo Airport


Winter Formal was held at the Camarillo Airport two years ago. Credit: Grace Carey / The Foothill Dragon Press

Mayzee Oakes

Due to adversarial conditions caused by the Thomas Fire, the new Winter Formal location is the Camarillo Airport. No other details regarding the event have changed, but there will be an announcement concerning the reduction of ticket prices this Wednesday, Dec. 13.

The venue had to change because this week, the district is not allowing any school activities to take place in Ventura, a consequence of the fire.

Additionally, the Associated Student Body(ASB) class does not know the state of Poinsettia Pavilion. As of now, they only know that the Pavilion has no power and is in an evacuation zone.

However, these setbacks haven’t stopped ASB Sophomore Class President Hayden Hickerson ‘20, who is organizing the event. Hickerson decided that if they couldn’t hold Winter Formal in Ventura, then they would simply have it somewhere else.

According to Hickerson, ASB Advisor Melanie Lindsey did most of the searching for the new location but was in contact with Hickerson the whole time. Hickerson said, “Captain [Lindsey] is the best and she saved the whole dance.”

Both Hickerson and Lindsey agree that the past three days have been a “mad search” for a new place to relocate the dance.

Lindsey says that she is “exhausted, but […] relieved that we can [still] have this event.”

Unfortunately, the reduction of ticket prices does mean that the Class of 2020 loses money because winter formal is a fundraiser for current sophomores. There will be an alternate fundraiser later this year. ASB is willing to sacrifice their funds to give students the opportunity to come together and have a good time amidst the circumstances.

“ASB feels it is important for students to have some normality and fun than it is to fundraise,” Lindsey said. “I think it will be a much-needed place for kids to commune and have fun.”


Editor’s Note: Amazing Oakes is a member of ASB but she did not participate in the organization of Winter Formal.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that the event could not be held in Ventura County however, it should simply say “Ventura.” The article was updated on December 12, 2017 at 9:36 reflect the accurate information.

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