UPDATE: Cheers for Children campaign concludes with juniors as winners

Anna Lapteva

The Cheers for Children campaign is an annual fundraiser among the Ventura Unified School District that provides for needy families during the holiday season. Each school in Ventura Unified is assigned a particular item, and Foothill was assigned to collect dried mixes such as cake mixes, muffin mixes, jello mix, etc.

From Dec. 5 to Dec. 16, Foothill students brought donations. On Dec. 16, the juniors were announced as the class that had collected the most items, leading with 607, followed by seniors with 548, freshmen with 204, and sophomores with 121.

Brianna Corbett ‘17, the coordinator of this food drive, said that “in the past years, we had collected an average of 750 cans, the record being 787.” However, “this year’s drive broke our record by almost doubling it.”

On Wednesday, the cumulative count of items was 777, but on the last day of the drive, 703 items were donated, leading to Foothill breaking their record by collecting 1,480 items total, and also breaking their aim of gathering at least 1,000 products.

“The FTHS student body responded extremely well to the campaign of the class competition,” Corbett remarked. “The school was so fired up about the competition!”

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