The Zodiac signs in December


Clare Knutson

December can be a busy time with the holidays, finals looming ahead. Take a break from your busy schedule to have a little fun with your zodiac sign and find out how the characteristics associated with your sign might help you survive this busy time.


People born between Mar. 21 and Apr. 19 fall under the zodiac sign Aries. Their symbol is the ram and their element is fire. Aries are known for their leadership qualities. Aries are hard working, determined, courageous and are often the one to kickstart projects. These rams are often “bundles of joy” and are quite bold. Beware, they tend to sometimes be blunt, aggressive and very competitive. Aries like to make things happen and will jump into projects head first.

Aries, don’t get too ahead of yourself this December. With your thoughts flying around and new projects to be started, don’t forget to finish your old ones before the year ends. People look up to you because you are courageous, overachieving, and determined. So, if there is one person in your life that is getting on your nerves, hold back your aggressive and blunt side. Realize they probably admire all your hard and competitive work.


People who fall under the zodiac sign Taurus are often described as bullheaded or stubborn, which comes as no surprise considering their symbol is the bull. Born between Apr. 20 and May 20, a Taurus is reliable, loyal and values harmony. They are usually quite peaceable, but can be argumentative at times. Tauruses are often materialistic and value stability in their life and relationships. They like to seize the potential in each day and work steadily toward their goals. Their loyalty makes them very dependable.

December is filled with love, food, and family. With your love of food, this month is for you, Taurus. Take note that this month is a perfect time to practice your patience with others. As you become stressed about the holidays, remember that not everything is going to be perfect. People expect you to be loyal, dependable, and strong. So as that stress builds up this month, step back and take deep breath!


Gemini, born between May 21 and June 20, are the life of the zodiac party! With a curious and bright mind, Gemini are quick thinking and are always searching for more information, which can sometimes lead to nosiness. Gemini are often able to see many sides of an issue, which allows them to be clear thinkers in their work – even if they are not always the leader, they are a valuable member of any team. A Gemini sometimes can lack following through with their work, but they are playful and good listeners, which makes them charming friends.

Charming, quick witted, and bright, you Gemini have a lot going for you. This has shown through the past year. You have many many new, long lasting friends because of your admiration of listening to and loving others. Although you love social parties, following through with events is something you lack. This month, when invited to things, try your best to plan accordingly and not flake on people you care about. Embrace that you are the life of the party and continue to make stronger friendships! Carry this month in your hands and look back on all the amazing friends you have met this year!


The crab, also known as a Cancer, are born between the days June 21 and July 22. As they are strong-willed, emotional, and sensitive, there is no doubt that they won’t have a helping hand. A Cancer can be reserved in the beginning, but deep down they love to nurture others. Once a crab opens up, they will be one of the most caring friends. Be careful when on their bad sides though. A Cancer is very headstrong and accept nothing less than their way.

Cancers, this is your time of the year! December is known to be filled with family, charity, and love. It would be unusual for you not to thrive during this time. The holidays will give you a sense of security and you will feel at home while being surrounded by your loved ones. You may start to get a little emotional when thinking about a loved one not being around but don’t focus on that. Just follow your intuition, let December bring you joy and focus on the people around you.


Born between July 23 and Aug. 22, Leos don’t often shy away from the limelight. They are dramatic and creative people, who are natural leaders. Leos are outgoing, self-assured, and enthusiastic which draws people to them. Opinionated and determined to succeed, Leos are often fearless, decisive and courageous with warm hearts. They are concerned about the happiness of others. While ambitious and idealistic, they are also well-organized and generally accomplish what they set out to do.   

Leos, people may look down on you for being so outgoing and ambitious, but that is because they envy you. Utilize December to embrace your dramatic side. Never shy away from the limelight because of others. Also, always remember that it is never too late to start on your goals. As determined as you are, people are afraid of you. Let loose a bit this month around family and friends.This month for you is the time to let your enthusiasm spread to others.


Virgos, characterized as efficient, logical, and practical are born between the dates of Aug. 23 to Sept. 22. Whether it will be through your school, work, or personal life, a Virgo can be relied on for help. Listen to your fellow Virgos because their decisions are usually right on. They are the easiest to spot because Virgos are the ones to get their job done and are always working hard. So, when looking for a partner in your work, keep your eyes open for the Virgos out there.

December is a perfect month for you, Virgos. Keep doing what you are doing with your logical thinking, efficient work, and attention to small details. These skills of yours will get you far through the holidays if you choose to celebrate them. Most people are cramming to get all their projects done by the end of the year while you are far ahead of them. Be proud of yourself and don’t forget to look back and realize how much you have done this year. Let loose during the end of the year and don’t be too critical of yourself.


Libras, also known as the Scales, live up to their name. Born between Sept. 23 and Oct. 22, they are the strategists and team players of the zodiacs. To avoid conflict, Libras generally use their objectiveness and communication skills to maintain harmony. Unlike other zodiac signs, Libras are focused on their interactions with others rather than on themselves and would prefer to not be alone. They are companionable people who are drawn to balance and try their best to ensure everyone has what they need. Because of this, they may be seen as fickle and indecisive.

Libras, the holiday season has come about. Start to plan out the month while it is still the beginning so later on you won’t run into any conflicts. Another advantage to planning ahead is that you won’t be alone. Being a team player is your thing. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who bring you peace and harmony. This will bring you a smooth and easy end of the year.


Scorpios, much like their symbol the scorpion, are intense, powerful and fearless people. They are very intuitive and emotional, but don’t often show their feelings. Falling between Oct. 23 and Nov. 21, Scorpios are complex people who are very loyal to the ones they love. They are curious and unafraid, but like to be in control of their own destiny. Scorpios can be secretive, but are also clever and determined to succeed due to their love of competition. They are motivated and passionate people who are intense in almost every aspect of life.    

As the year has passed, you have bundled up many emotions. It is now December, Scorpios. You are very loyal to others and come off as trustworthy, yet you don’t open up. Don’t be afraid to let your emotions come out. You may find a stronger connection with your friend this way. You Scorpios can be competitive, clever, and powerful. Use all of these traits and determination to achieve your goal. Just remember, you control your own destiny.


Born between Nov. 22 and Dec. 22, Sagittarians are wanderers. They love to get out and talk with people, because they are open minded and clear thinkers.  They are usually sociable and generous, but can also be blunt and argumentative. They are outspoken (sometimes to the point of exaggeration) and love adventure. Sagittarians’ love of adventure makes makes them curious and are often interested in philosophy or religion. Their optimism and and generosity makes them willing to share the knowledge they have gained with others.   

The Sagittarius owns the month of December. Happy Birthday to most of you! Your confidence, knowledge, and enthusiasm shines through everything you do. This makes some people feel intimidated. Take this as a compliment because this means you are spreading your personality. Procrastination is a big problem for this zodiac sign. Use this month to catch up on all your late work so in the new year, you can spend it taking adventures.


Dec. 22 to Jan. 19 are the dates for Capricorns. This zodiac sign is traditional, but ambitious and determined. Capricorns are goal-oriented and want to be in charge. They are practical leaders who are mature and hardworking. They can be stubborn and domineering, but are efficient and want to do the best job they possibly can. Capricorns like to err on the side of caution and are usually not interested in ideas that are too out there. They are down-to-earth, sensible people who are friendly and devoted to those they love.  

December isn’t just another month for you Capricorns. You should all think about using this month to plan for next year. You are hard working, ambitious, and determined, therefore, if you use December to its highest potential, you might be able to take a breath during the holidays. You love to play it safe and have traditions. There is nothing wrong with that. Being a leader in your eyes is a formula, and if the formula works, keep it.


Aquarians who fall between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18, are known for having a strong social conscience and are often humanitarians. They enjoy fixing broken systems and spend time thinking about how things could be better. Aquarians usually have many friends and acquaintances, but love to think they are right. This can make them impersonal and cold at times. They are creative inventors who want to make the world a better place with lots of new thoughts and ideas. Aquarians are artistic and playful and  love to get other people involved in their ideas.

Volunteering is the way to go this month for you, Aquarians. December is a time to give back, which luckily you enjoy the most. Helping people and sharing your knowledge will bring you joy. You love to be right and there is no wrong way to volunteer. People look up to you considering all you do for your friends and community. Do not hesitate to help the person beside you that seems like they are silently calling for help. Cheer them up with your playful personality.


Pisces born between Feb. 19 and Mar. 20, are selfless and easy-going. Pisces, like their symbol of water, “go with the flow.” They are sensitive people who go back and forth between fantasy and reality. They will on occasion, get caught up in their dreams and struggle to tell fact from fantasy, but their dreaminess allows them to be very imaginative. Pisces are driven to help others and tend to put the needs of others before their own. They can be shy and need to take time for themselves, but are very charitable people who truly care about others.    

December can become a time of greed for some around the holidays. Don’t let these kinds of people take advantage of your emotional state. Letting people change you isn’t the way to go, either. Continue to be the “go with the flow” type of person that you are, which includes being selfless. Many of your close friends and family love that about you, even if they don’t tell you everyday. Be compassionate, emotional, and creative. Just keep your eyes open for the people who make you feel misunderstood.  

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