News Brief: Update on Jamba Juice $1,000 prize

Chloe Hilles

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Earlier this month, Foothill Associated Student Body (ASB) was awarded $1000 after participating and winning a Jamba Juice competition.

Previously ASB was planning on purchasing a portable speaker system that would cost around $820, according to ASB advisor, Melanie “Captain” Lindsey.

Lindsey explained that in order to purchase the speaker system with the money from Jamba Juice, a project must be created on From there, Jamba Juice will fund the project but matches any donations made to a project.

“So the sound system that costs $820, which would take most of our grant, does not actually cost $820. It only costs $410, because it will get matched,” Lindsey said.

Jamba Juice will put $410 of the $1,000 Foothill won toward the speaker system because the second half will be matched by This leaves approximately $590 left to fund another project.

ASB has a few ideas on how to use the extra money. Lindsey’s idea is to purchase seating for the area in between the G-building and the F-building after it gets paved by the Ventura Unified School District.

ASB will still need to vote on any ideas for the use of the rest of the funds before they are used.


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