Letter to the Editor: Editorial does not reflect the opinion of all FTHS Students.

The Foothill Dragon Press

Letter to the Editor submitted by David Teitelbaum:

“I have read your editorial on the Trump-Clinton election results. I am disappointed to learn how biased a publication, that supposedly represents all the students of Foothill, appears to be.

1. You state that more than 70% of the student body favored Clinton. I interpret this to mean that 30% favored Trump. Yet, you never mention that minority as worthy of protection from violence and discrimination. Why? Are the Trump supporters not fellow students who may feel insecure or unsafe when 7 of 10 of the people they see every day are demanding special rights, space, and considerations? Does the editorial board not represent all Foothill Students?

2. In the first paragraph you state, ‘We know that across the country, minority groups are being faced with violence and discrimination.’ What you fail to mention is that almost every city in the country where corruption, violence, and discrimination occur, the governing body, police, fire, and other social services, are all dominated by Democrats.

3. Your listing of those special classes of students, that you determined require special consideration, includes Muslims. Yet, there is a small group of Jewish students enrolled at Foothill. American Jews voted in overwhelming numbers for Clinton. Do these students not fall in the categories of your fellows, worthy of special consideration and protection?

4. Your most glaring error, in my opinion, was an absence of a declaration that the public has spoken in a fair and free election unrivaled elsewhere in the world. And, while the Foothill Dragon Press is unhappy with the results, you must still celebrate the process.

5. On a positive note, the Foothill Student Community’s active involvement in American politics is encouraging and should continue. But, with the understanding, that every contest has winners and losers. This election, 70% of you experienced a loss. Stop whining and start looking to 2018 when Americans return to the polls in the next (mid-term) elections.” 



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