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Protesting President Trump’s America

Credit: Rachel Chang / The Foothill Dragon Press

It has been precedented in the history of America, that when something happens which could potentially divide us, we unite; not in our opinion and values, but as Americans.

We may not be united in President-elect Donald Trump, but we must be united as Americans.

The Trump protests clogging the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Portland–to name a few– display a swell of division of our People. They also challenge the entire core of democracy. The kindness and unity which they fill the streets for will not be found through protest, no matter how peacefully it is done.

Kindness and unity should be our aim, however, so the protests are correct in their intentions, but the way they are being done is only furthering those values from our grasp. 

Discussion and voicing your opinion is excellent, but it is completely necessary to accept the results of this election, which is something that can’t be found through protest.

We can’t, as a country, find ourselves lost and hiding from the truth.

So talk about your feelings with family and friends; it will help.

It’s Donald Trump’s fault that our nation is divided, because of the worrisome and ignorant statements he has made. But that doesn’t give us the right to live amuck, disregarding his leadership. 

For sure, Donald Trump has said many very offensive, divisive things. He has suggested many racial innuendos, and hurt people by his words. But, it is We the People that can determine the future of our country, unleash the potential of us together, and ensure the happiness and safety of those yet unborn.

Inflicting injury, creating havoc, and reaping destruction of our cities will not lead us in the right direction. Blocking the streets, burning our national flag, and writing swear words on walls obviously won’t create a united, peaceful, loving country. Instead, tension builds, creating a penetrating force separating the country.

Donald Trump is partially responsible for dividing us. But let’s not allow that division to happen. Let us begin an era of national renewal.

Saying things like “Donald Trump is not my president” is divisive in itself, because Donald Trump will in fact be the President of the United States of America, whether you like it or not.

He was placed in Office by the American people.

Many people were frustrated with the political establishment, and they wanted change. They believed the system to be corrupt, and decided that a Donald Trump presidency would be better than 4-8 more years of the same corrupt political establishment.

His victory is not immediately going to be detrimental to our society. For one thing, this is the United States of America. The president’s power is already limited. The country isn’t built on one man. Personally, he has a pretty good agenda for what he wants to accomplish when he takes Office.

Trump protests do nothing to guide us forward, and everything to hold us back.

Coming together, not in protest, but in simply continuing on with our lives and supporting every fellow American, and giving our soon-to-be president a chance, will do everything to unite us and nothing to stop us from building this era of national renewal.

The next few years will be a time of change. Massive amounts of change, but whether this change will be good or bad, is what we will eventually find out. Will Donald Trump be a president for all Americans, as he promised?

If he disrespects the rights of minority groups, or women, then he will indeed have a whole country to then protest his faults. But he hasn’t done anything yet, and in our great country he won’t be able to do much of the outlandish things which he said in order to get elected. We’ve got to give him a chance to make positive change.

We’re living in the history books as we speak. Something exciting, something extraordinary, something absolutely insane could happen with a Trump presidency. That’s who he is. He makes people despise him so much they want to kill him, or he makes people love him for his boldness and anti-establishment ways. Let’s be wary of his unpredictability, but trust that we may be headed in the right direction.

If not, and if what some people predict of a Trump presidency is true, he will then hear from “We the People.” We are Americans. Nothing can hold us back.

This election was without a doubt the most stunning, unforgettable night in political history. The whole country was in disbelief, and you could feel the sadness, as well as joy, sweeping throughout the land.

But protesting what happened does nothing, and mourning what hasn’t happened yet also does nothing to help.

Donald Trump is definitely a flawed person, in many ways. However, comparisons to Hitler and other dictatorships is complete rubbish. There is no chance America is headed into a Nazi Germany-like era.

We’ll be fine. Maybe better than fine.

We’ve got to give our president a chance. Sometimes that’s hard to do when we’ve heard what he’s said, and seen what he’s done in the past. But I believe that, at the very least, he loves this country and that he’s seen the failed politicians of the past and wants to change those policies.

Who knows? Maybe we’re living in a very extraordinary period of time where a political comeback of our country is possible under a Trump presidency. The Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Donald Trump himself showed us that this era which we live in is a historic time.

The choice was made by the American people to elect this man. Now it’s time for us all to make yet another, this time similar, choice. We must choose to unite, and give our president a chance, for there is no other way to do it; if we choose not to, we will be a divided nation for the next four years. 

At the very least, we must let Donald Trump serve as a wake up call to our nation, that people were not happy with government; that our country was sick and hurting. We have been lacking conviction, and have now been convicted for our ignorance; Donald Trump is going to be president. We can continue to fight the results of our country’s hurt, or we can accept the truth of it, move on, and prepare a antidote. 

The People of America elected Donald Trump; what has led to this? The answer: we have been ignorant to our problems. It’s time to wake up, and move forward as a nation. Togetherness will move us forward.

Protesting won’t move us forward. Hiding from the truth won’t move us forward. We have to give President-elect Trump a chance.

In finishing, and perhaps most importantly, we have to pray. We have to pray for our country, pray for those who are fearful of what a Donald Trump presidency will bring, and pray for the divide which separates our nation.

If we do this, together we can be a united nation, under God, in this historic period of time which we will never forget.

What do you think?
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Protesting President Trump’s America