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The future of America is our revolution

Illustration Credit: Maya Avelar / The Foothill Dragon Press

This election is bound to go into the history books. It was a twisted race filled with vulgar comments, hateful advertisements, and a divided people. Two candidates who have surrounded themselves in controversy met in the electoral battleground last night, and as every vote pierced the hearts of citizens who care for their nation, a decision was made.

There are many who are in celebration, and many who are appalled beyond belief, but one thing stands clear: this election revolutionized our political life — for better or for worse –, but now it’s over. The Commander in Chief has been called, and this divisive election will be cemented into history, and that’s where it should stay.

It is beyond evident that people are distraught amongst a sea of divisive fellow Americans, and the things I have heard from both sides shocked me greatly. Here at Foothill, I hear talk of destroying newspapers painting Trump’s victory, tearing ties with friends who supported him, and even the most radical thought of California seceding from the nation. Anger is natural, and we have every right to express our feelings for the fate of our country, but to do so in such an inappropriate manner is completely unacceptable.

The political knife that is cutting deep into our society spans across the country: in Los Angeles, protests occurred in Westwood LA chanting that Trump is “not our president,” along with demonstrations in San Francisco, and Seattle. To many Americans, we have “signed a deal with the devil,” but to associate those who support him as an evil group is an extreme overreaction. Are we going to let this decision spiral us into civil dispute?

All of this may be just talk, exaggerations of grief, but that’s all it takes for conflict to arise. We’ve seen violence spark in Trump’s rallies, so who is to say that the same won’t occur now? We are a united people and this is a democracy: Trump’s election does not automatically spell dictatorship. Checks and balances will ensure that this government is still for the people. These next four years may be tumultuous or grand, but we must face our future together if we wish to survive.

We cannot allow ourselves to segregate this nation based of one decision, one we have made 44 times before. We cannot allow ourselves to let hatred to flourish anymore than it has during the race, to devolve into two factions that only wish the worst for each other. One of the criticisms Trump faced was not accepting the results of the election if he lost, and now the other side are the ones embodying that flaw.

We are Americans, and we have had transfers in executive power before and have prevailed. We have already made our decision: wallowing in the results is a waste of our energy, which we will need these next four years. Instead of crying for division, we must hold each other, not as Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, or Greens, but as Americans, a strong union that can face whatever challenge comes our way.

The future of America is our revolution, our time to show the world we can keep each other in a just society, to look out for fellow citizens’ unalienable rights and to defend them, regardless of what happens in the Capitol. Instead of labeling Trump supporters as misogynistic, sexist, or hateful; and denouncing Hillary supporters as hate-mongering, criminal, or sore losers, we should fight to come together in this controversial age.

I have never considered asking “oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave,” and I hopefully never will. Tears can be shed, laughter can be shared, but at the end we must face the future with a brave, united face. There shouldn’t be talks of revolution or outcries of war, for we will not survive in this mindset.

The death of America won’t be President Trump, it will be ourselves if we don’t stop tearing this nation apart. The American Civil War is a thing of the past, segregation of African Americans is a thing of the past, this election is a thing of the past. The future is for us to decide together, so that no malice is brought to us again.

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The future of America is our revolution