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BREAKING: Clinton wins by landslide victory in Foothill mock election

BREAKING: Clinton wins by landslide victory in Foothill mock election

Today, Foothill students had to opportunity to vote on some of the same candidates, measures and propositions that will be present in tomorrow’s national electoral ballot. Out of the 1,024 students at Foothill, 657 students cast their vote.

For the voting on candidates, every candidate affiliated with the Democratic Party won her respective race. This excludes the vote for the California senator, which was a 50/50 tie between two Democratic women, Kamala D. Harris and Loretta L. Sanchez.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton won the presidential race by a landslide, nearly doubling Republican candidate Donald Trump’s 175 votes with a total of 338 votes. Green party candidate Jill Stein attracted 53 total votes, with Libertarian party candidate Gary Johnson following closely behind with 43 votes. Peace and Freedom party candidate Gloria Estela La Riva received 27 votes.




There was an equal tie between Sanchez and Harris for the position of senator. Each of the Democratic candidates received 295 votes.

In the race for U.S. representative, Democratic candidate Julia Brownley won 70 percent of student votes. Brownley’s 436 votes beat Republican candidate Rafael A. Dagnesses’ 186 votes.




The majority of student voters selected the Democrat Hannah-Beth Jackson as the candidate for California State Senate. Jackson received 398 votes, which was 31 percent more votes than the 212 votes that Republican Colin Patrick Walch received.

The competition for California State Assembly was between Democrat S. Monique Limón and Republican Edward Fuller. Limón won with 375 votes, 26 percent more votes than the 221 obtained by Edward Fuller.




The propositions on the Foothill ballot were:

All of the measures passed except for Prop. 66, which requires a reform for the death penalty to speed up the process.

Contradictory Props 65 and 67 both passed. According to Southern California Public Radio, “if both measures pass, it’s unclear if they would work together or if only the one that wins the most votes would take effect. Another catch: Legal experts say Proposition 65 could nullify the bag ban. That would be up to the courts.”




The students also selected which local measures they do or do not support. The measures on the ballot included:

All were passed except for Measure F, which repurposes up to 225 acres of agricultural land for industrial use and conflicts with Measure C.




The candidates for City Council were Brian Lee Rencher, Cheryl Heitmann, Christy Weir, Dave Grau, Jackie Martenson, Jeannette Sanchez-Palacios, Lorrie Brown, Matt LaVere, Matt Graves and Randall Richmann. Since there were three seats up for grabs, they went to Brown with 285 votes, LaVere with 268 votes and Sanchez-Palacios with 148 votes.



The School Board candidates were Sabrena Rodriguez, Jackie Moran, Lou Cunningham, Steve Offerman, David L. Norrdin, Ed Summers and Don Wood. Of the seven, Rodriguez and Moran were elected to the two open seats. With nearly 260 votes, Rodriguez appealed to the majority of voters for School Board. Directly following Rodriguez, Moran obtained 225 of the votes. Both are Foothill parents.




Overall, a majority of the voters seemed to have an inclination towards democratic candidates, explaining the victories of Clinton, Brownley, Jackson and Limón.


Infographics were made by Anna Lapteva and Jocelyn Brossia using Piktochart

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  • K

    Killroy W. HereNov 8, 2016 at 12:37 pm

    Is it really any surprise that tr Dems won everything here? We live in one of the most liberal states in the country. This “election” can not be used as an accurate tool to determine the outcomes of the real elections. National polls sill show Trump and Clinton at almost tied, or within 2 points of each other, within a margin of error. This poll is a flawed representation of how everyone truly feels. I also find it wrong that being in the minority vote in this school somehow warrants literal bullying for having a different view. The “tolerant left” actually bullies Republicans, and that atmosphere definitely needs a change. I understand this poll may be to gain a better understanding of our schools demographic but I think, that instead of having a politically spun news outlet (the Dragon Press, regardless of it’s many well deserved awards, is still extremely spun left when it comes to politics.) we shouldn’t be dividing any of the students based on political beliefs. This year alone I was literally threatened with violence due to not supporting Bernie Sanders, and me being a Trump supporter, somehow made it “funny” and entirely acceptable. Perhaps we shouldn’t be allowed to voice our opinions on new taxes ot raising current ones if we’re not even old enough to pay taxes yet. The mock election and our schools political atmosphere is a joke, and no more than just that.

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BREAKING: Clinton wins by landslide victory in Foothill mock election