News Brief: New high-quality projectors installed in classrooms

Anna Lapteva

This week, new projectors are being installed into classrooms all around campus.

According to technology coordinator Wendy Dowler, 15 new projectors have been installed as of Sept. 15 in pods G, H and D.

“Our old projectors were dying. They were all fuzzy and we would have to close the curtains and turn off the lights in order to see them,” Dowler said

The old projectors were also expensive to maintain.

“They were burning through bulbs, sometimes in less than two weeks, and the bulbs are over $200 each, so having a machine burning through a bulb is over $200 in less than two weeks,” Dowler noted.

Spanish teacher Katherine Leaf had a new projector installed in her classroom. She commented on how “the clarity was really good, and the projectors are great,” and confirmed that “there are absolutely no issues, and it works just as well, if not better, than the other one.”

Dowler presumes that “these projectors should be brighter and clearer, so there should be a nice difference.”

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