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Riley Knouse: Please humor me

Riley Knouse: Please humor me

“I am a developing fat cell… Adipoblast?”

This is what came out of my friends and I talking about loose sarcasm, which using our knowledge of physiology turned into loose connective tissue, turning itself into adipose, bringing me to say the quote above.

Believe it or not, this isn’t even an abnormal conversation. Two years ago, we may have laughed harder at the randomness of the conversation flow, but now we’re so loopy and tired that this isn’t doesn’t even phase us.

Today in Journalism class, we looked at a powerpoint on bad headlines, where all of them had the common theme of comic irony.

What I’m about to say is cheesy, so bear with me.

We need comedy to get through the seemingly endless days of school. If we’re unable to crack a smile, school will start/continue to be a boring chore mandated to us by law. Whether it be a witty comment by your teacher in the middle of a lecture or conversations with your friends where you don’t even know what you’re saying, humor is just as necessary to get through high school as paying attention in class.

Don’t try and force yourself to become a comedian every day or every minute. I just strongly advise that if you take notice of something funny, don’t be afraid to laugh. Laughter is proven to reduce stress, anger, and generally put you in a better mood. With finals week coming up, we should be laughing as much as possible.

While some of you may be thinking that there is nothing funny going on with finals week coming up, I would like to prove you wrong. There are plenty of humorous things going on at Foothill, you just need to look for them. For example:

1. Look out for witty or random comments from your teachers. Some of them (if not all) are just as stressed out as you are for finals week! In my history class, we often get a little off topic because we find something Mr. Fitz said either hilarious or weird. Either way, we’re all laughing and enjoying the class.

2.Conversations with completely random topics with your friends are underestimated gems. If you can’t think of a topic, try the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, odd food combinations, or maybe even ask a friend to tell you a story. The more stressed out you become, the less sleep you get, and the loopier the friend is when they’re telling you a story.

3. As much as some people make fun of BuzzFeed, I truly think that it’s amazing. When you’re taking a study break, consider looking at funny BuzzFeed articles or videos.

4. Record funny things you hear. If you’re looking back sometime later on your phone or on a notepad and see all of your humorous quotes, a natural reaction will be to laugh at the memory.

5. Appreciate the small bits of humor when you’re studying, or make humor. Whether it’s giggling at the wit of a sentence in your history book, or coming up with funny ways to remember certain things in a science class, try and make studying more enjoyable.

Remember, finals aren’t the end of the world, just the end of the semester. We will get through this.

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