BREAKING: Administration, ASB release statement concerning Air Guitar staff performance


Emily van Deinse

Today, the Foothill Associated Student Body (ASB) and administration released a statement on the ASB social media accounts regarding the controversy surrounding the Air Guitar teacher performance.

Included in the statement is a reference to the Foothill Dragon Press article “Cultural appropriation is over-hyped at Foothill,” published on May 23. Concerning the controversy, “Seconds with Sienna: Understanding Privilege” was published shortly after.

The initial opinion article garnered a lot of attention and created controversy on campus. The article received more than 80 comments so far, both agreeing with and challenging the opinion expressed. Students also expressed their feelings about the situation on Twitter.

What follows is the official statement released on the ASB Twitter (@FthsASB) and Instagram (@FTHSdragons).


[divider]Official Statement[/divider]


“The Foothill Technology High School Administration and Associated Student Body would like to address concerns regarding the Air Guitar staff skit performed last month. It has come to our attention that some of our school community members were upset about portrayal of Prince during the skit. The annual Air Guitar seeks to enhance our positive school culture here at Foothill. The skit’s only intention was to honor Prince’s music as well as his love of fashion, performance, and makeup. The Foothill ASB works diligently and purposefully to create events that recognize, reward, respect, and reinforce our diverse dragon student body. There have been different opinions voiced on social media since the piece entitled “Cultural appropriation is over-hyped at Foothill” was released on the Dragon Press last week. Some of the dialogue in the comments section has been divisive and counterproductive to a safe and inclusive environment on campus. The administration and student leadership team wants to stress that all opinions and viewpoints are valued at Foothill. Through the exchange of opinions and ideas, from a variety of voices, we should always seek to understand rather than mock, defame, or condemn. One of our key goals is creating an environment where all students and staff feel comfortable being themselves. That includes expressing themselves when they have strong opinions no matter what side of the argument they may espouse. Those who took offense to the skit have a right to be upset and voice their concerns. We apologize for any offense that may have been taken from the skit because that was not our intention.”

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