A day in the life: Max Castro

Junior Max Castro, better known as

Maya Morales

Junior Max Castro, better known as

Foothill junior Max Castro is known for being eccentric and exciting. He always adds flavor to life at Foothill, and almost anyone can spot him,whether he’s in his unconventional outfits or not.

And though he is easy to pick out of a crowd, to get this interview he was harder to track down.

After finding him in the I-pod one lunch, he sat down and told me about himself, in the only way that “Astro Max” can.

— Maya Morales, Dragon Press staff writer


The personality of a wolf

I am a human man: eclectic, fuzzy, and tainted. Mainly because I just like those words, they’re good words to have.

I’m pretty eccentric, I try to take it easy. I get fired up really easily though.

Things to do

Walking; going on jaunts. I like medium jaunts on the beach, not long jaunts. Tying ties. I am also a Gonzo Journalist—I write reports on various school activities and I write scripts. My favorite was the Every Fifteen Minutes report that I did. It was so over the top, I felt like people got a sense of that. It was sarcastic. The video they showed was even more ridiculous. After I’m done with a report, I just collect them, I never turn them in. I like to look back. I’m aging prematurely, I have Alzheimer’s. I like winning, just in general. Except in math, I’m more of a creative English [type]. I also watch television and am an avid sleeper. To quote a very wise man, ‘I’m not Bi-Polar, I’m Bi-winning.’

Times gone by

I was raised by wolves. My home city was Pasadena, I moved to Las Vegas. My mother is a dolphin and my father is a cosmonaut. I learnt to love the sun in Las Vegas, the desert is my true habitat. I have siblings, they are also members of the wolf pack. I moved to Ventura a couple centuries ago. I see my self in the future as a Postman, living in Tennessee with a wonderful twenty member family and a pug named Mr. Pëbles.

Sounds and sights

I love all music. Except one genre, I’m sarcastic, almost hating on Dubstep. I call it “Dumbstep.” I can respect it, but I don’t listen to it. I listen to Jazz, because we’re on the 20th century unit in US World History. As for other types, um….let’s see, Nerdcore and Bluegrass too. As for movies, I love “The Room”, it’s one of my favorites for sure. Any of the Thumb movies, The Evil Dead Trilogy, “Black Dynamite” and “Black Snake Moan”

Chic technique

I wore a kilt for Winter Formal, I thought I’d bring my Scottish Heritage to the show. My style is “Thrift Store Delicacy.” I don’t have the money to buy thirty dollar pants. I’m a regular [at thrift stores].

A typical day

I wake up in a small cubicle room, donned in boxers and a flower t-shirt. I go into the bathroom at exactly 5 o’ clock and take a ten minute shower. Then I eat bacon—I’m still naked mind you. Then I get dressed and go to school. After school, it’s usually the same routine only backwards. It’s a very inception day.

What do you think?