Juniors beat out other cohorts at Bioscience Olympics (33 photos)

Junior Aron Egelko holds "The Golden Crutch" in victory after Cohort 6 won the BioScience Olympics. Maya Morales/The Foothill Dragon Press.

Maya Morales

Junior Aron Egelko holds “The Golden Crutch” in victory after Cohort 6 won the BioScience Olympics. Maya Morales/The Foothill Dragon Press.

Last Sunday, a throng of students wearing purple, red and green t-shirts accumulated at Foothill, their beakers in their hands and their game faces on, all to win the coveted Golden Crutch that Wendi Butler held in her hands.

It was the annual Bioscience Olympics, where students in the three Bioscience classes at Foothill competed against each other, using their scientific and medical knowledge and skills to win for their class.

The Seniors wore the color purple, with an emblazoned “5” spray painted on. The five stands for “Cohort 5” , which means that this group of students had shared a particular time span. Respectively, the Juniors wore red and were thus named “Cohort 6” and the Sophomores in green were “Cohort 7.”

“Bioscience Olympics brought Cohorts together in a friendly competition. Felt like one big dysfunctional family; fun, but dysfunctional,” said senior Mat Aguilar

The Bioscience Academy at Foothill, for all of those who aren’t up to date with this program, is three year academic program that gives students who are interested in the medical field to gain specialized knowledge and training.

It was scalding hot as the students ran around campus, games including giant tubs of spaghetti and plastic balls, skateboards and pipettes.

“The juniors broke our pipettes,” complained senior Kate Bailey.

The senior class, who were apathetic at first, seemed to get really pumped up about the games.

“Mo seniors, Mo class,” added senior Madeline Bell, laughing.

Standing in the center of the cheering seniors, looking upwards at their enthusiastic faces, it was clear that everyone was having a fun time.

“Seniors, no matter what, we still [expletive] won!” senior John “JT” Love screamed, encouraging a roaring cheer from the rest of the class.

For the rest of the Cohorts, this was definitely a frightening sight, but nevertheless, the games went on. The day ended with the juniors cheering on the stage, the Golden Crutch in their grasp, and their faces full of glee.



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