“Neighbors” is inappropriately hilarious


“Neighbors” is a hilarious film, despite it’s raunchy and sometimes overly inapropriate comedy. Credit: 912dev.com

Allison Clark

"Neighbors" is a hilarious film, despite it's raunchy and sometimes overly inapropriate comedy. Credit: 912dev.com
“Neighbors” is a hilarious film, despite it’s raunchy and sometimes overly inappropriate comedy. Credit: 912dev.com

Imagine a college fraternity moving in next door. This is the nightmare that Mac and Kelly Radner, played by Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne, and their infant live in throughout the movie “Neighbors.”

Mac and Kelly are new parents and have just moved into a nice house in a quiet and quaint neighborhood. Unfortunately the fraternity Delta Psi moves in next door, turning the quiet and quaint neighborhood into a constantly loud and never-ending frat party.

Delta Psi is led by their charming and attractive president Teddy, played by Zac Efron, and vice president Pete, played by Dave Franco. Teddy and Pete introduce themselves to their “old neighbors” and invite them to their party. After partying together, Teddy advises the Radners that if the parties ever get “too loud” to call them first, but to never call the cops, and the Radners agree.

However, one night the noise becomes too much and Teddy wasn’t answering his phone, so the Radners call the police. Calling the cops starts a war between the frat boys and the Radners.

The Radners and their friends plot to get the fraternity kicked out of the house next door. They use many schemes, such as accusing the frat boys of property damage, pitting the boys against each other, and infiltrating a party.

The frat boys tortured the Radners by throwing countless noisy, crazy Frat parties every night, and keeping them and their baby awake. They also pull many “pranks” on them and their house. They eventually take it too far.

“Neighbors” plays upon the typical college frat scene, but puts a twist on it by having the frat house be in a normal, low-key neighborhood.

Although the movie was hilarious, it was extremely inappropriate. There were countless scenes that were riddled with crude humor as well as disgusting things that most everyone grimaces at. However, the gross and crude humor achieved the college vibe of the movie.

“Neighbors” will generate countless laughs and moments of disbelief and/or shock. Overall, it’s hilarious movie that is extremely appealing to teenage audiences.

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