‘Daring, open, authentic’ ASB students pass the torch at banquet


The ASB class had their annual banquet on Wednesday. Credit: Aysen Tan/The Foothill Dragon Press

Allison Clark

The ASB class had their annual banquet on Wednesday. Credit: Aysen Tan/The Foothill Dragon Press
The ASB class had their annual banquet on Wednesday. Credit: Aysen Tan/The Foothill Dragon Press

Associated Student Body Advisor Melanie “Captain” Lindsey described the ASB class of 2013-2014 in three words: Daring, open, and authentic.

The annual ASB banquet was held Wednesday night to celebrate the achievements of this year’s class and to welcome the incoming staff. Students and their parents gathered in Spirito Hall for a night in which every ASB student was recognized.

Before parents arrived, the class had a potluck where they exchanged gifts with each other that had special meanings or “inside jokes.”

“My favorite part was being able to give and pass on the gifts that I had this year to my successors because I liked my first time getting gifts and getting recognition so I like now giving it back out,” junior Nick Vaughan said.

To start off the banquet, a slideshow was shown with pictures of the students labeled with their name and position on staff, and of different activities they participated in this year, including a field trip that they took to California State University, Channel Islands.

ASB President senior Carson Graves then took to the podium to give the annual Presidential Farewell Address.

“I’m truly proud of all that this class has done with the school,” he said. “We are one strong unit; a family.”

All of the officers were called to stand at the front of the room with their successors and state their name, position, and a few words about their job in the class.

Senior Class President Anna Cogswell passed her job to junior Will Hammer who passed his job of Junior Class President to sophomore Emily Marostica. The job of Sophomore Class President, previously taken by Bailey Liljekevist was given to freshman Daniel Holst. Other positions recognized were each class’s Vice President and Secretary, and the incoming freshman representatives and officers.

“I love the part where we pass our jobs down to the incoming people that were already in it because they’re going to do an amazing job and you get to walk them through it and it’s just a really great experience,” Marostica said.

Each of the class officers took a moment to thank their class advisors for their help throughout the year and give them gifts.

The senior class officers thanked Lindsey and art teacher Justin Frazier and bought a trashcan for Frazier as a funny gift because he playfully pushes Cogswell into trashcans.

The juniors recognized English teacher Wendy Dowler and Geography/Health teacher Claire Adams. The sophomore officers gave flowers to Chemistry teacher Macie Vega, and the freshman thanked Biology teacher Ryan Duston for his help with Matchmaker and Renaissance activities.

Every student with a Renaissance job then came to the front of the room to pass on their positions. Renaissance is a program honoring students with a 3.0 GPA or above. At Foothill, 80-85 percent of the student body is on Renaissance.

All of the other positions not previously called came up last to transfer their power, including but not limited to Historian, Publicity Director, Fundraising Director, Treasurer, and Secretary.

ASB’s support staff was asked to stand up to be acknowledged as well. Attendance Secretary Jennifer Ellison, ASB Bookkeeper Othelia Blackler, and Receptionist Debbie Smith were in attendance and got a round of applause.

“I’m ASB Treasurer, so I get to work with Ms. Blackler a lot, so just seeing her every day is my favorite memory,” senior Erika Hurtado said.

Finally, Lindsey recognized the 13 seniors in the class and shared where they would be going to college and some favorite memories about each one.

“It’s emotional. It’s traditional. It’s something you look forward to from your very first year,” senior Hanna Rivera said of the senior awards.

Cogswell and Hurtado were awarded with Lifetime Achievement Awards after having been in ASB for four years.

Graves and Senior Class Vice President Caleb Bigler awarded sophomore Lauren Dalmatoff with the Presidential Award, which is given every year to the person in the class who the president and vice president feel is hardworking and always on task.

“She’s always busy, always wanting to do stuff, always wanting to help and she has big plans for college,” Kim Dalmatoff, Lauren’s mother, said.

The last event of the banquet was Graves and Bigler handing down the ASB President and Vice President positions. Graves’ successor junior Evan Askar could not be at the banquet because of a track meet, but was given the traditional Presidential Bucket with a kitchen scale inside; a tangible metaphor meaning that he should balance his time and weigh all of his options.

Vaughan took Bigler’s position and received a ship captain’s hat, another tradition, and a letter of advice. He gave the inauguration speech on behalf of Askar.

“My experience in ASB this year has given me more of a purpose in life,” he said. “With complete sincerity, I consider all of you my really good friends.”

The night ended with each student bringing a white rose to their parents to thank them for their support.

Lindsey, who is a first-year ASB advisor, said, “I am truly honored that they [the students] trusted me after they might have been a little weary of different leadership, that they were brave enough to let me lead with my vision and honest enough to keep me true to what was theirs.”

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