Negative Aspects, There are lots

Dragon Press Editorial Board

With all said about Fresh and Easy, you’d assume that EVERYONE likes the supermarket. That its existence is only beneficial to FTHS students and Ventura alike. I’d also like to note that at the closing of the library, the Dragon Press spoke with some who were in favor of the library closing. But, no, both sides of the argument were not presented in this article, in fact, students were collectivized and generalized as in favor of the supermarket, when said that they were “obviously pleased” (I, for one, am not). An unbiased source should present both sides.

There are many negative aspects of Fresh and Easy. First of all, the supermarket is poorly zoned. It is impossible to see past the large supermarket when making a left turn from Day Road. Also, it is inappropriate for such a structure to be placed on the corner- it is not a gas station or small corner store. On top of just the numbers and technicalities, fresh and easy is a fairly large corporation- it has over 100 (I believe the exact number is in the 140’s) stores across the US. Granted, it does give $1000 to a local charity, however- Did you know that only 43 cents on the dollar from a large corporation go back to the local community? This is compared to 68 cents on the dollar with a local business. I would have been much happier to see a small plaza of local businesses, or a local deli of sorts with lots of room for parking. To top this off, Ventura already has several grocery stores, one being less than a mile away from fresh and easy.

In conclusion, this fresh and easy is not entirely beneficial. This should have been included in this article- yes, I agree there are positives (especially for FTHS students) of having this store, but it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

P.S. I’m saddened by the fact that a library closed right across the street, when little to no one put up a fight for the wonderful place. Yet, hundreds flocked to a mass chain to do as Americans do: Buy, buy, buy.

What do you think?