300 eighth graders invited to be in Foothill’s Class of 2020


Emily van Deinse

Last week, students who applied to Foothill’s “School of Choice” lottery were notified via mail. This year 532 eighth graders applied and 300 letters of acceptance were sent out, making this year’s acceptance rate just above 55 percent.

“We initially sent out 300 acceptance packets. […] Typically we’ll have about 15 or 20 kids not turn their stuff in on time or just not turn it in so we’ll usually end with around 280 kids,” Principal Joe Bova said.

Amanda Perez is an eighth grader at Balboa Middle School who got into Foothill. She feels “so excited and blessed” to be coming to Foothill.

“I honestly believe it’s a great school. My sister and my brother went to Foothill so I know that I can succeed,” Perez said.

Similarly, Cabrillo Middle School eighth grader Ava Barnum is excited to go.

“I heard that it’s a really good school and a lot of people that go get into good colleges and stuff,” she said.

69 students applied for the Class of 2019, 32 applied for the Class of 2018, and 11 applied for the Class of 2017. None were accepted into the classes of 2019 and 2018 but all were accepted into the Class of 2017.


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Because of the new School of Choice rules concerning twins, there was one situation wherein the twins were separated.

“There is one [situation] that I am aware of where one twin got in and the other twin didn’t get in,” Bova said. “But there was a couple of other sets where both twins just got in on the lottery.”

“It’s a very difficult time for us because it’s really stressful for a lot of families and it’s stressful for us too because we want every kid who wants to come here,” Bova said.

Featured Photo Credit: Grace Carey/The Foothill Dragon Press

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