Local eateries sponser school events

Foothill families attend “dining with dragons” at Acapulco.

On Wednesday, January 15, ASB members and other Foothill students showed up at Acapulco throughout the day. This restaurant was the location of the latest “Dining with Dragons.”

ASB gathered at one table, except for a few who sat with their families. They seemed to have had a good time, huddled around a kid’s menu and harassing Cierra Whitehead. Ryan Duston was the only teacher seen; he picked up his food to go. Friendly ASB students initiated conversation with anyone they recognized and, of course, any teacher that entered the restaurant.

Duston was greeted by the ASB members excitedly. “When I walked in here, I was waiting for my table and everyone was like ‘Hey, there’s Mr. Duston!'”

However, students shouldn’t be worried about teachers gossiping about them to their parents when they go to Dining with Dragons; Duston said reassuringly, “I usually say ‘hi’ to the students, but I don’t know the parents very well, so usually I don’t say ‘hi’ to them.”

Every month there is a different Dining with Dragons. It is, contrary to popular belief, not run by ASB – it is run by PFSO, the Parent Faculty Student Organization.

“It’s an ASB event, but we don’t choose the dates or where it’s located,” explained ASB member Jessica Entriken. The money raised supports ASB’s functions, such as dances, rallies and Rennaissance incentives.

Acapulco is only one of the locations to host this event. According to ASB member Trevor Fuller, California Pizza Kitchen was a favorite of Foothill students participating in Dining With Dragons, despite its high cost.

Taylor Freeman, ASB president, says that her favorite location was Baja Fresh.

Information and dates of future Dining with Dragons events can be found here.

Why should students go to these events? Because they help our school. This might not sound appealing to them, but how else is ASB going to fund events like dances or rallies?

“That, plus the food’s pretty good too,” concludes Fuller.

Photos by Cierra Whitehead, The Foothill Dragon Press.

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