Glenda Marshall: Grinding is a high school epidemic


Glenda Marshall received the Ventura County ‘Female Student of the Year’ award and will be honored on December 12 at . Credit: Aysen Tan/The Foothill Dragon Press

Glenda Marshall

My biggest regret in high school is that I did not attend more dances. Some people might say that Winter Formal and Prom are just overpriced excuses to say you have a social life, but I disagree. Dances are an essential part of the high school experience, and whether or not you like to dance, just the experience of getting dressed up and hanging out with friends makes for a fun night.

 Unfortunately, it was only recently that I came to this realization, and I skipped more than a majority of high school dances I could have gone to. If I had a time turner, I would probably go back in time and change that, but unfortunately, I am not Hermione Granger and don’t have that option. So, rather than dwelling on the things I wish I had done, I decided to make up for my losses by going to this year’s Winter Formal. After all, it is my senior year, and I have to enjoy the rest of my time at Foothill, in all its quirky, hilarious glory, while I can.

 I was a little disheartened to find out that I was the only one in my group of friends who didn’t have a date to Winter Formal, but despite the fact that I was going to be third-wheeling like no one’s business, I knew that I would be kicking myself with regret Saturday morning when everyone’s pictures began to invade my newsfeed, so I bought my ticket regardless.

 If you are curious, I had a blast and danced ridiculously, just as any 17-year-old girl should. But that isn’t why I am telling you all of this. About halfway through the night, I seriously began to consider why I hadn’t attended Winter Formal or Prom my sophomore and junior years. Laughing with my friends, I couldn’t think of a concrete reason. But then I looked around.

Sure enough, I quickly remembered the biggest turn off of high school dances: grinding (a.k.a. that atrocious thing that some of you call “dancing”).

 To all of you students out there who use high school dances as an excuse to grind like there’s no tomorrow, you should probably know that most of the people who are so unlucky as to accidentally catch a glimpse of your “dance moves,” usually turn away in utter disgust at your lack of class.

 Looking around the dance floor last night, I was honestly shocked at how inappropriate and appalling some of you acted. Some of you were so into your dancing that I thought you were only minutes away from literally taking off your clothes on the dance floor. I don’t know whether you just really wanted a thigh workout doing all that squatting, or if some part of you actually thought you looked cool, but everyone else who looked at you wanted to vomit.

 Newsflash: it is a high school dance, not a strip club. No one wants to see you rubbing your butt on every living entity in the building.

 I don’t mean to be rude, but I think that someone really should tell you that you looked like a complete idiot. And, honestly, I feel bad for you, because I guarantee that more than a few of your peers and teachers lost a lot of respect for you watching you move your body like that. Maybe you didn’t see the way people looked at you, but I certainly did, and I can guarantee that plenty of people have the same opinion as I do.

 I think it is sad that this is what high school dances have come to: crazy teenagers practically having sex on the dance floor. It is revolting, inappropriate, and unsophisticated.

 So as a last note to all of you grinding fanatics, please keep your repulsive dancing to a minimum and get some class. There are plenty of places you can go if you want to act like that and the rest of us don’t really want to see it.

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