Going to Magic Mountain? Don’t miss the top 10 coasters

Going to Magic Mountain? Dont miss the top 10 coasters

Kevin Bujold

Foothill students won a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Which coasters should students at Foothill Technology High School look forward to riding the most when they head to Magic Mountain on Monday?

The sophomore, junior and senior classes earned a reward trip to the theme park in Valencia by scoring 899 API on their state tests last spring. As is tradition, freshmen will be staying behind to begin work on the 9th grade project but will have the chance to earn a day at the theme park during testing next spring.

So, here are the Top 10 coasters to ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

10. Superman the Escape – Standing tall at 415 feet, Superman can be seen from almost anywhere within Six Flags Magic Mountain. If you like to go fast, then this ride is for you. You launch from 0 to 100 miles per hour in just seven seconds, rise up hundreds of feet above Magic Mountain, only to fall back down to earth.

9. Viper – Looming up over 100 feet into the air, Viper is conveniently located at the front of the park where it awaits you. Viper reaches speeds of up to 70 miles per hour and will take you upside down seven different times.

8. Scream – One of the more unique coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Like many other coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Scream goes pretty fast and takes you upside down many times. But on Scream, there is no floor below you, meaning that your feet are dangling just above the track, adding to the excitement the ride already produces.

7. Terminator Salvation the Ride – New at Six Flags Magic Mountain would have to be Terminator Salvation the Ride. Since its opening in May, thousands of people have been thrilled by this wooden coaster. While it may not look that big or intense, Terminator is a very fast wooden coaster that is sure to continue to thrill people for years to come.

6. Batman the Ride – Another good coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain would have to be Batman the Ride. Compared to all the other roller coasters around it, Batman doesn’t look that big. But in this case, size doesn’t matter. The speed and G Forces the ride creates are sure to thrill anyone riding.

5. Goliath – One of the biggest coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Rising up 255 feet above the ground and reaching speeds of 85 miles per hour, Goliath is sure to thrill students at Foothill Tech. As well as reaching such high speeds, Goliath also has a double helix where you experience 4.5 Gs, causing many people who ride it to black out.

4. DejaVu – Piercing through the skies at Six Flags Magic Mountain, DejaVu will take you over a hundred feet in the air at 90 degrees, staring right down at the ground, before dropping you and taking you through three inversions. Then it brings you back into the sky, where it will drop you again and you do it all backwards.

3. Riddlers Revenge – Standing 150 feet above the ground, this coaster will take you away at 65 mph and flip you upside down six different times. But unlike most coasters, Riddlers Revenge makes you go through it’s course standing up.

2. Tatsu – When you first walk through the gates at Magic Mountain, you’ll notice a big yellow coaster towering over the fountains. This coaster will take you through it’s coaster at speeds of up to 65 mph and will make you experience strong G Forces. And before the ride starts, you are loaded into “flying position” to give a sensation of flying throughout the ride.

1. X2 – While all the other roller coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain are fun, not one of them is nearly as intense as X2. When riders first drive into Magic Mountain, they get a nice good look at all that X2 has to offer them. Riders climb up the lift hill backwards looking back at Six Flags Magic Mountain, not knowing when they will drop. Then they drop down at 90 degrees in a skydiving position, before the cars flip back to normal. Throughout the rest of the ride, the cars flip throughout the course, surprising guests at every turn. As well as all this, X2 also has onboard music and fire that sprays in peoples faces during the ride.

Photo: This coaster isn’t at Magic Mountain but the thrill will be the same. Creative Commons photo “Roller Coaster!” by AJoelle_xo on Flickr.

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