PAAC’s first debate of the year exceeds expectations

PAACs first debate of the year exceeds expectations

Chris Wolf

Photo Credit: Creative Commons Steven Rhodes on Flickr
Photo Credit: Creative Commons Steven Rhodes on Flickr

The Political Action and Awareness Club held its first debate of the year on Thursday, September 24. As expected, this debate on the death penalty went incredibly well and was an excellent way to kick off the year.

The turnout for the event was huge; the entire room was completely filled with students eager to put forth their opinion on the issue of capital punishment in the United States. The debate covered a range of sub-topics including criminal rights, expenditures, and the embedded issue of race within the system. Both sides had valid arguments and neither seemed to completely dominate the debate.

Some students also took the initiative to quote other individuals and use historical examples to help get their argument across. For example, Senior Jake Garnett quoted Ghandi, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Other Seniors Myles Parrino and Hana Goldstone both brought personal examples to the debate to further illustrate how the criminal justice system has affected their family and friends in some manner.

Overall, those who participated in the debate definitely represented the student body well by presenting respectful, sophisticated arguments and by demonstrating an absolute maturity that pervaded the room. Parents and teachers should be proud of these teens for being outspoken about their opinion on the topic.

This debate was only the first of many that will be held throughout the year and it unquestionably was an excellent start to PAAC’s year. As always, students are encouraged to participate in or simply observe these debates as a way to become more politically active and aware in their society.

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