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Community service is a big part of being a Foothill student. What are you doing to help your community? Are you helping out with animals? Raising money for a cause? Volunteering at the hospital?

Seventy-five hours are required to graduate from Foothill, and while that may seem like a lot, the hours go by very quickly, especially if you are doing something that you enjoy.

In a recent interview with Mrs. Linda Kapala on the importance of community service and its benefits, Foothill’s media specialist stated, “Students gain self satisfaction, growth, and recognition on what they can do to contribute to their community.”

One of Kapala’s favorite quotes that symbolizes the importance of community service is from Margaret Mead: “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever has.”

Kapala has approved more than 150 organizations that offer students many opportunities. She encourages students to go on the media center’s website to check out all of the current options and sign up to get email updates that notify them when and where opportunities are coming their way. The bulletin board in the Media Center also has information of upcoming local opportunities.

If there is an organization a student wishes to get approved that isn’t on the list, they shouldn’t worry. All they have to do is go to the media center and pick up a proposal form.

When asked for advice to give to students who have not started their community service yet, Kapala said that they just need to be brave and make that important phone call to the organization where they want to do their service.

Community Service does not stop once students graduate from high school. They can continue to help while they’re in college, when they are a working adult, and even once they’ve retired.

A perfect example of an adult doing outstanding community service is Foothill teacher Captain Melanie Lindsey. Lindsey is partnering with a St.Baldricks fundraiser that requires her to shave her head. Lindsey’s goal is to get $5,000 in donations to shave her hair on March 15. The hair will be donated to make wigs for children with cancer, and she hopes to raise $10,000 school wide. Lindsey decided to work with this organization after she found out she had five seniors last year who were cancer survivors. For information on how to help with this event, contact Lindsey in room F108.

According to many, community service is one of the most important and satisfying activities you can do. Whether you are getting hours at one organization or many, you are making a difference in someone’s life.


Photo: Media Center specialist, Mrs. Linda Kapala, welcomes questions from Foothill students about community service opportunities. Photo by Alexandra Zinik, The Foothill Dragon Press.

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