Mindless Behavior creates mindless lyrics

Angel Mayorga

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Mindless Behavior released their newest album "All Around The World" on March 12. Credit: Interscope/The Foothill Dragon Press

Mindless Behavior released their newest album “All Around The World” on March 12. Credit: Interscope

Passion, check. Attire, check. Dance moves, check. Message, check. Record label, check. Music…not so much.

Mindless Behavior is a boy band, formed in 2008 in Los Angeles, composed of four young men, Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray and Roc Royal.

Their newest album, “All Around The World” includes only two tracks called “Keep Her On The Low” and “All Around The World.” These two songs are honestly not that good. The vocals aren’t suitable to the tune and the lyrics are just absurd.

Keep Her On The Low” plays too much with the vocals which are too high-pitched to match the song style. Not to mention the lyrics, which totally do not match with the singers. They talk about “getting money,” “keeping a girlfriend for about two weekends,” and “smashing on the radio.”

This song could be kept “on the low” and everybody would be fine without it.

All Around The World” has a pretty dramatic intro, but again, the vocals are just not there. The boys sing well, but their voices just don’t match this song. It can easily be sung better by many other artists. However, the beat of the song steady and the dancing is pretty smooth.

These songs are music, but they have yet to reach a level of quality music.

Besides this album, Mindless Behavior has also released their movie, “All Around The World,” on March 15.

Although their music isn’t too great, the members of Mindless Behavior sure have the correct attitude and message when they perform and make music. They say that they perform because it’s what they love to do and that they are out there to make people happy. Mindless Behavior also advocates for being “mindless,” meaning being who you are and doing what you love.

Mindless Behavior is heading in a good direction, but I must say, I would not listen to their music again.

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