Media Center to host speaker series about health care professions, open to all students


Lucas Wiltjer

Orthopedic surgeon Jason Hofer spoke to Bioscience Survey members and other Foothill students about his career last Thursday. Credit: Bethany Fankhauser/The Foothill Dragon Press
Orthopedic surgeon Jason Hofer spoke to Bioscience Survey members and other Foothill students about his career last Thursday. Credit: Bethany Fankhauser/The Foothill Dragon Press

In order to give sophomores in the Bioscience Academy a sampling of careers, Foothill has invited a slew of speakers to present in the media center throughout February and March.

Bioscience Director Darcy Duffy created the health care speaker series for sophomores in Bioscience Survey, but now has opened the presentations to all students.

“We coordinate the health care speaker series with the main intention being for the Bioscience Academy sophomores — students in the survey class — but we also have set it up in a way that other students who are interested in those topics are welcome to come too,” Duffy said.

Bioscience Survey, the first class members of Bioscience Academy take, is a class during FIRE that prepares sophomores for not only the next few years of high school, but also for career selection in college.

Karry Carey, the job developer for Foothill, feels that the presenters will give the students a new perspective on careers that the Bioscience Academy prepares them for.

“It gives an opportunity for them to see a wide variety of careers that are available in the medical field as well as Bioscience and in the health industry,” Carey said

“The speakers that come are experts in their field, so they can share what their career is about, [the] education it took to get there and give a different viewpoint. To share the details [of the jobs] and what is takes is best served by having the speakers coming in,” Duffy said.

Jason Hofer M.D., an Orthopedic Surgeon, was the first to speaker to come and visited last Thursday.

Hofer spent 14 years in school, and has been an Orthopedic Surgeon for 18 months. He feels it’s important to reach out to students interested in the medical field.

“I think that you guys are the future, there is invariably going to be some of you that choose go down the path of medicine and make it your career, and as I get older and start to break my bones, I want good people to be able to take care of me,” Hofer said.

Hofer also shared what is most rewarding about his occupation and why Foothill students interested in the medical field may also enjoy being a Orthopedic Surgeon.

“Helping patients get better by fixing their orthopedic problems like fixing broken bones and replacing worn out joints [is rewarding],” Hofer said.

Hofer shared his experiences of not only patient surgeries, but also the element of lab work and research involved in his career.

“Some of the early research I did was on how genetic problems can contribute to hypertension. Later research focused on orthopedic problems, so I did some research on hip and knee replacements, what makes them last longer and what makes them better,” Hofer said.

Trevor O’Keefe, a student in Bioscience survey, felt that even though he would not personally be interested in being an Orthopedic Surgeon, the job is important and valuable.

“I thought his job was really important because a lot of kids have broken their legs or arms and he is one of the guys who fix the legs and arms,” O’Keefe said.

Twelve other presenters will be at Foothill to speak.

Tuesday, Feb. 5th ; Carol Hannah, Clinical Laboratory Scientist
Thursday, Feb. 7th ; Kay K. Larson, Ph.D., Traditional Naturopath
Monday, Feb. 11th ; Jayne Kulzer, Public Health/HIV, FACES Africa
Wednesday, Feb. 13th ; Dr. Gregory Albaugh, Vascular Surgeon
Tuesday, Feb. 19th ; Dr. Jim Cole, Clinical Psychologist
Friday, Feb. 22nd ; Rosalynn Laotheerachao, ICU (Intensive Care Unit) Pharmacist
Wednesday, Feb. 27th ; Heidi Johnston, NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) Nursing
Friday, March 1st ; Dr. Nancy Merrick, Internal Medicine
Thursday, March 7th ; Ann Doherty, Behavioral Health
Thursday, March 14th ; Valerie Moussou, Oncology/Infusion Pharmacist
Wednesday, March 20th ; Sally McNally, Labor & Delivery Nurse
Friday, March 22nd ; Dr. Eric Moll, Cardiac Emergency Medicine

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