Students, staff participate in No Shave November


Kendelle Gallagher

Senior Andre Sehati will participate in Foothill's No Shave November event. Credit: Lauren Pedersen/The Foothill Dragon Press
Senior Andre Sehati will participate in Foothill’s No Shave November event. Credit: Lauren Pedersen/The Foothill Dragon Press

No Shave November has just begun, and many students are eager to ditch the clean-shaven look and grow out their facial hair for a good cause.    

These students will be participating in a month-long event to help the American Prostate Cancer Foundation, an organization devoted to discovering a cure for prostate cancer. 

“The whole point of No Shave November is basically to show our support for the American Prostate [Cancer] Foundation,” ASB president Andre Sehati said.

To show support, many teachers will be growing out their facial hair, and at the end of the month students will be able to bid on which teacher has the best beard.

“About ten years ago, there were some groups in Australia who raised $2.6 million, so if they can raise money, so can we,” Sehati said.

Sehati will partake in not shaving and hopes many other students will be interested and participate. 

“Now that Mr. Cohen is on board, we are going to start planning some fun lunch activities for everyone to do,” Sehati said. 

For those participating, pictures will be taken to mark the progress of the participants on Nov. 13, Nov. 19, Nov. 26, and Nov. 30.

Sophomore Evan Askar said he would stop shaving for the month of November.

“Why not? I’ll do it just for fun,” he said.

Art teacher Justin Frazier also plans to participate.

“I didn’t shave at all during break,” Frazier said. “So I am just going to start from where it is now.”

Frazier explained that his mustache grows a little slower than his beard so he is hoping it will be evened out by the end of the month. 

“My goal at the end is to have a really good looking mustache,” he said.

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