“Frankenweenie”: a bizarre, comical portal into Tim Burton’s mind


Angel Mayorga

Tim Burton’s “Frankenweenie,” which is about a boy who brings his dog back to life, was released Oct. 5. Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Impressive visual components and a creepy, weird story make “Frankenweenie” a fun, eerie movie that will prepare you for Halloween season.

“Frankenweenie,” which was released Oct. 5, is the story of a boy named Victor Frankenstein whose dog, Sparky, gets hit by a car and passes away. After learning about the interactions between muscles and electricity in his science class, Victor decided to attempt to bring his dog back to life, and it works! However, other kids start catching on, and they bring their pets back to life as well.

Soon, the town is full of chaos brought upon by all sorts of wacky new animals who have been brought back from the dead.

Although “Frankenweenie” is rated PG, it contains some pretty dark and intense elements that are often present in Tim Burton’s movies.

First of all, the animations for the characters are pretty creepy themselves. And second of all, the story line is pretty mysterious and almost scary. So, I probably wouldn’t take a very young child to see this. But nonetheless, “Frankenweenie” was still a pretty good movie for a bunch of teenage guys to watch.

Besides from being a bit odd, this movie was also very humorous at times. For example, one of the characters begins to break out into evil scientist laughs and yells, “He’s alive!” Another way this movie is funny is the way some characters look and speak, such as Weird Girl and Nassor.

This isn’t the first “Frankenweenie.” The original version, still Burton’s brainchild, was released in 1984. The first one was a live-movie, with humans and real dogs.

The best part of the film is Burton’s trademark animations. The thinly shaped characters with big heavy eyes and rough details, set in gloomy scenes and black and white are what make Burton’s movies so delightful to watch. Being able to see all these little things that make Tim Burton’s pieces of work distinctive, like the ominous-looking characters and unique shapes and themes in his work, drew me in closer to the movie.

If you are looking for some good laughs, bizarre but impressive art, a spooky movie for Halloween and an entertaining story, “Frankenweenie” is worth watching.

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