“Neck of the Woods” forges earthy grunge rock

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“Neck of the Woods” forges earthy grunge rock

Katie Sones

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Silversun Pickups released their newest album "Neck of the Woods". Credit: Dangerbird Records

Silversun Pickups released their newest album “Neck of the Woods”. Credit: Dangerbird Records

Silversun Pickups brought their hard-rock edge down a notch for “Neck of the Woods,” releasing a slower, but still grungy new album.

On May 8, Silversun Pickups of Silver Lake released their newest album. It was a change of pace from their usual fast rock. “Neck of the Woods” was similar but a little less intense than previous albums. The album had a gritty, lo-fi sound about it that gave it a mysterious air.

The song “Busy Bees” took a long time to turn from an airy tune to a fast-paced song, but it was one of the better songs on the album. The fast tempo and echo-y sound was infectious and made for a head-banging song.

“Here We Are (Chancer)” was a unique track because it was more relaxed than the rest of the album. It was an entrancing song with its slow, hypnotic beat and almost tropical sounding effects.

“Gun-Shy Sunshine” was my favorite song on the album because it sounded happy. It still retained a rock sound, but was a little brighter than the other songs. Its floaty vocals mixed with strong instruments made it a unique blend of sounds.

The last song on the album was “Out of Breath,” a song that started slow but ended with a bang. This song had a tribal beat throughout most of the song, and at the beginning had a slow rhythm that sucked you in.  

“Neck of the Woods” was a step forward for Silversun Pickups as they experimented with new sounds to create a raw, earthy rock album. Silversun Pickups created a unique sound that’s out in its own “neck of the woods.”

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