Three quick, healthy and versatile breakfast ideas


Sinjin Serrano

In the morning rush, teenagers might not have time for a breakfast meal, despite all of its importance. They are among the 31 million Americans who do not eat breakfast. Some common factors are lack of time caused by nights spent on their studies, or even attempting weight control. Taking these into consideration, finding a healthy, quick and tasty breakfast can be difficult, so here are three breakfast ideas for the next hasteful dawn.


Cut the syrup, but keep the waffle:

Freezer waffles are very easily prepared, merely taking a minute to grab them and put them into the toaster. However, this staple can become repetitive, and isn’t nutritionally healthy when doused in syrup. Though with a few additions, the waffle becomes very versatile with the right ingredients.

Spreads such as peanut butter and hazelnut can greatly boost the flavor without the need for syrup. More toppings can be served on top of that can also fulfil other nutritional aspects, such as fruits and even proteins.

There is a wide variety of toppings that could be used, for instance, bananas, and even raisins could be used for fruits. For protein, peanuts and sesame seeds could be added to boost the nutritional value.


Yogurt and cereal parfaits topped with fruit are an easy and healthy breakfast. Credit: Carrie Coonan/The Foothill Dragon Press
Yogurt and cereal parfaits topped with fruit are an easy and healthy breakfast. Credit: Carrie Coonan/The Foothill Dragon Press

A different kind of parfait:

Yogurt parfaits are tasty and filled with dairy and fruit, but the ingredients can be hard to come by. That’s why combining cereal and yogurt can help meet the same needs while emulating the taste of a parfait.

By taking fruit yogurt ready in individual cups and using it to replace milk, the boring cereal is turned into something both flavorful and healthy. Just like with the waffles mentioned above, a myriad of choices for toppings is available.

Kiwis, strawberries, bananas and blueberries are among some of the fruits that could be added to the parfait. All of these allow a healthy breakfast that can be eaten in one bowl.


Scrambled, without the mess:

Ideally, breakfast would leave as little mess as possible to reduce the amount of time spent cleaning. Combined with the amount of preparations on stove-tops, that makes scrambled eggs unideal for a quick breakfast. Though with caution and a microwave, you can have scrambled eggs in minutes.

In addition to eggs, you can add cheese and vegetables to add flavor and variety to the mix. With the right ingredients, you can create an omelette bowl that has a flavorful palate of vegetables that will help energize any morning.

Whether it’s using spinach, tomato, or mushroom, knowing how to use what you have to create something unique is essential in creating a quick and balanced breakfast.

Featured Photo Credit: Carrie Coonan/The Foothill Dragon Press

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