Humans of Foothill: Aidan Connelly


Olivia Mowad

Inspired by the Humans of New York project, the Foothill Dragon Press aspires to highlight students pursing their unique passions and interests.

Lauren Kaller, Photographer

“I think for most artists, our muse is the baggage we pick up along the way. In the end all we sing to and all we write about ends up being about our personal experiences or problems.

[Loop 83 has] shaped my entire social life practically. I pretty much am always writing, recording, or mixing our music so I barely have time for anything else, but in that I’ve met some of my favorite people and seeing how they enjoy the music influences me to get back into the studio to continue writing.

It always feels great to release music and hear it. We have listeners everywhere so it’s crazy to look at the different countries. It really amazes me that other people would want to listen to us repeatedly, especially our older stuff. But it’s a great feeling and again, that’s what makes me want to play live and write more. It’s so exhilarating to hear the final mix through the monitors with the guys.

Our Bombay show has been my favorite memory so far. It was packed, loud and energetic. We had an amazing crowd and it was just so fun to see everyone having a great time!

All of [my supporters] have really been rooting for me from the start and going to most of the shows and it really means the world to see them in the crowd. Pretty much sums up the reason I love to be in a band.”

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