Spreading the love: Foothill Tech celebrates Kindness Week and Kindness Court


Olivia Mowad

On Friday Feb. 17, students were called up to the stage during their lunch break, and handed a bright flower as well as a certificate thanking them for their kindness.

Ailanie Martinez, Reporter

Love and goodwill were in the air at Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) during the Associated Student Body (ASB) organized Kindness Week, from Feb. 14 to Feb. 17, 2023. 

Sophia Salles ‘25, ASB connection team member, helped plan the event and commented, “Kindness Week recognizes people who’ve made the campus a better place.” 

On Tuesday Feb. 14, also Valentine’s Day, the hallways and quad were filled with students donning red, pink and white clothing, some holding flowers or other Valentine’s gifts.

At lunch, romantic music played from a speaker on stage, where Dragons were encouraged to write fond Candy Grams for their friends or special ones at Foothill Tech.

We [ASB] hope it motivates people to be kind to each other.

— Sophia Salles ‘25

The following day’s theme was Kindness In Your Community. At lunch, bubbles and pop music emanated from the stage, which had a table for cup pong and crafts.

Games littered the quad, with four square, spikeball and a Foothill Tech-themed cornhole set out for everyone to enjoy.

Thursday marked Be Kind To Yourself Day, a day meant to emphasize self-care and relaxation. Pajamas decorated the student body, many embracing the loosened theme.

Later in the day, the stage had a table with face masks and nail polish, offering a chance to beautify and indulge in some self-love.

On Friday, the final day of the school week, Kindness Court celebrated pupils who exhibited kindness. 

Teachers of Foothill Tech nominated students they wanted to highlight for their kindness. ASB connection team member Jaden Abara ‘25, who coordinated alongside Salles, shared that “It gives teachers a chance to recognize students who may not have felt they were being noticed before.”

At lunch, nominees flocked to the stage, receiving a Certificate of Kindness, a flower and a cookie.

Mia Garcia ’26, the second most nominated Dragon, received all normal prizes, but also got a bonus cookie decorating kit. 

Eli White ’23 was the most nominated, and received the certificate, a flower, a cookie and a Hydro Flask water-bottle. 

As the week ended and Foothill Tech prepared for a three-day weekend, ASB hoped that the week inspired students to be kind to each other. 

“School isn’t a place that you always want to be, so it’s important to be kind,” Salles finished.

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