Foothill Tech gets festive at the “All Hallows Eve” dance


Chance Leandro

Students jump up and down as the beat drops and the sparklers go off.

Maggie Lay, Reporter

As autumn progresses at Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech), the festive air increases with cloudy weather and the annual Halloween Dance. This year’s dance was named “All Hallows Eve”, and was held on Oct. 14, 2022, from 7 to 9:30 p.m.

During a slower song, students pull out their phones and dance with the flash on. (Chance Leandro)

The dance was the first of the school year, coordinated by Associated Student Body (ASB). The event was accessible to all students in Ventura Unified School District (Ventura Unified) so as long as a Foothill Tech student purchased a ticket for them, allowing a variety of students from around the community to attend and enjoy. 

The dance was centered around October’s major holiday, Halloween. The school was filled with Halloween decorations, ranging from tombstones, cobwebs, a giant skeleton and even sparklers that lit up throughout the dance. The decorations created a spooky atmosphere, allowing all of the attendees to get in their holiday spirit. Costumes were also encouraged for the dance, but not required. 

As the spooky night of the dance progressed and the clock finally hit 7 p.m., students began to fill Foothill Tech’s quad. The line to enter the dance was formed in front of the school at a small table, where students were checked for a ticket purchase and given a wristband to indicate their entrance. Sadie Lagerquist ’26 explains her suggestions for next year’s dance, saying they should “have two entrances, because there was a really long line.” 

After getting past the entrance, students were welcomed by a DJ playing music on the stage. The music choices were a rather controversial concept of the dance, some people saying they enjoyed it, and others not so much. 

I like how everyone dressed up. Everyone was on theme.

— Sadie Lagerquist '26

Ayla Reynolds ’26 said the DJ had “a lot of random mixes, like it changes very randomly, but I mean it’s music that I like.” Charlie Woo-Bloxberg ’25 and Lagerquist ’26 said the music was “good,” while Mia Bacigalupi ’26 opposed saying, “the music here isn’t very good, there’s no energy. The moshpit isn’t moshin.” 

The moshpit was the main source of energy and entertainment at the dance. Students surrounded the stage on its multiple steps and danced to the beats of the various songs that were played. 

Though a large portion of the people attending the dance were in the mosh pit, other entertainment options were available for people who didn’t choose to dance. Games were set up in the lower half of the quad where students could play a competitive one on one game of basketball, foosball, air hockey and even video games. A refreshment station was also available for any students that wanted water or a light snack. 

A group of five students show off their creative costumes with smiles. (Chance Leandro)

As the dance progressed throughout the night and the energy increased, less and less people were cramming into the entrance and a definitive mood was established.  Reynolds, ’26 confirmed saying, “It’s a lot of people and it’s very loud, but I’m having fun.” Students migrated to the various places of entertainment, enjoying the different activities they could occupy their time with. 

The night slowly, but surely, wrapped up and concluded the eventful day at Foothill Tech. The mood settled down as the dance ended and the students walked through the hallways with sore feet and cherishable memories. The event concluded, and the first dance of the school year can be considered a success to be remembered by many.

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